Tour with Topdeck for unforgettable travel experiences with like-minded 18–30 something’s. Topdeck’s range of trips throughout Europe, North Africa and the Middle East is enviable: with choices like ski and sailing holidays, safaris and festivals you’ll never be bored! Topdeck and STA Travel are also your ticket to discovering Australia’s awesome East Coast, Northern Territory, South Australia and Tasmania as well as amazing New Zealand. Travel with Topdeck and Share the Experience.

Check out all the details below then get in touch with an STA Travel Adviser to help decide where your Topdeck travel will take you! Call us to organise your Topdeck trip.

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Why choose Topdeck?


With a passion for travel and over 36 years experience, Topdeck arranges some top notch, fantastic value holidays throughout Europe, Africa and beyond! They'll take you to places like Morocco, Egypt, the Greek Islands, Switzerland, Russia, Germany, France, Norway, Spain and Italy to name just a few.


If you’re into festivals and events then join Topdeck to meet a bunch of new people and enjoy some of the worlds best offerings like Oktoberfest, St Patricks Day, Anzac Day, Las Fallas and Venice Carnival.


Experience the vibrant Gold Coast, climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, go diving in the Whitsundays, explore the Great Barrier Reef, discover the outback, go bungee jumping in New Zealand plus heaps more with Topdeck! We pack plenty of cool activities into your Australia or New Zealand tour while at the same time giving you the chance to pick and choose from optional extras.

Topdeck tour inclusions

Check out all the great inclusions you'll get rolled into the one Topdeck travel cost:  
  • All your accommodation
  • Transport
  • Most meals - 'on site' and 'on road' chefs are on hand on the EuroClub and Euro Camping trips to cook up local produce every day
  • Professionally trained Trip Leaders to give you the history behind destinations plus what to do and the best places to check out!
  • Activities and extras such as local city guides (depending on your trip). 
  • An instant circle of mates - your 'surrogate' family for the duration of your trip.

Wanna find out more or book your Topdeck tour?  Our STA Travel Advisers can give you the low down.


Give us a call today or drop into your nearest branch. We’ll get you sorted for flights and travel insurance too.

Travel Europe, Egypt & Middle East discounts

Check out these great Topdeck travel discounts with STA Travel!

Discount  Description  Saving 
Past traveller discount  Travelled with Topdeck before?  To say thanks you get a discount on your next festival booking or 5% off any other trips.  5% per person 
Multi-trip discount  Book two trips at the same time and save 5% off the price of the cheapest trip.    5% per person  
Mates rates  If four people book on to the same trip together at the same time you can all save 5% each off the trip price.  5% per person  
Group deal  Book the same trip for 10 people at the same time and 1 person travels for FREE. $$$ 
STA Travel 
STA Travel also gets exclusive discounts for Topdeck tours in Europe - including last minute bookings. We recommend you sign up to our e-newsletter to hear about our latest offers.  $$$ 

Conditions apply to all discounts. Want to know more or ready to book your Topdeck tour? Speak to an STA Travel Adviser today, we'll get you sorted for flights, travel insurance and any other holiday needs.

Topdeck Australia and New Zealand discounts

Pick up some great discounts on your Topdeck Australia tour, save up to 20% on last minute bookings or sign up to our e-newsletter for exclusive STA Travel discounts.

Discount  Description  Saving 
Last minute bookings  Leaving soon?  Ask your STA Travel Adviser whether your tour is discounted!  Save up
to 20% 
STA Travel discounts  STA Travel also gets exclusive discounts for Topdeck.  We recommend you sign up to our e-newsletter to hear about our latest offers.  $$$ 

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