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Ready for the adventure of a lifetime? No matter your age, a trip to Antarctica can be truly life changing. Massive, magnificent and unforgiving, Antarctica is a continent of superlatives that will leave your mind searching for words to describe it. Each day presents a new discovery, whether you’re cruising through ice-choked waterways, trekking through chattering penguin rookeries, or catching minkes and humpbacks breaching in the pristine waters. The few travellers who are fortunate enough to explore Antarctica’s vast expanses return home forever changed by an experience so awe-inspiring that it reaches to their very core.

Antarctic cruises

Your journey to this remote land begins in Ushuaia and Tierra del Fuego, South America, 1000 km from Antarctica.  Longer expedition cruises will head east first to the Falkland and South Georgia islands to check out the penguin rookeries and seals before tackling the Drake Passage or 'Drake Shake' as it’s often known. For those who've experienced the power of the Drake Passage, it makes the ultimate reward - Antarctica a sweeter travel achievement. When you travel to such a remote part of the world, you have to earn it! Travel to the Antarctic is best between November and March. Birds are nesting early in the season, and penguin chicks start to hatch from December onwards. For travellers in the later months, seal and whales are often spotted as they return to feed.

Antarctica Classic Vivid emerald, violet tints, intense blue and crimson light—the Antarctic is anything but a world of white desolation. Join us on a true adventure to a world of immense scale and visual splendour. Encounter huge whales, enormous rookeries of penguins and stunning landscapes few have ever witnessed. This 11-day expedition will introduce you to the magic of the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula.  
Antarctica Classic in Depth  Like the ‘Antarctica Classic’, this 13-day expedition will introduce you to the magic of the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula—but allows for two additional days to explore its majesty. Encounter leopard seals lazing on ice floes and immense rookeries of penguins surrounded by towering glaciers.  
Quest for the Antarctic Circle  Sail the Drake Passage past the South Shetland Islands and then really explore the western coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. Prepare yourself for an adventure like no other—more like a private expedition than a traditional cruise. Join us on a voyage of discovery to our planet’s last frontier—a mysterious and virtually pristine paradise.  
Spirit of Shackleton  Experience vast penguin rookeries and seal colonies on this awe-inspiring voyage to Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands. This 20-day voyage illuminates Shackleton’s legend and recounts his courageous exploration of Antarctica. You’ll visit historical sites of past explorers, as well as Shackleton’s final resting place—the wildlife rich island of South Georgia.  
The Antarctic Peninsula and the Weddell Sea Experience this ultimate Antarctic landscape on a 15-day adventure that defines 'once in a lifetime.' Cross the Drake Passage to the eastern side of the Antarctic Peninsula and the Wendell Sea—this less visited region of Antarctica is the planet's clearest sea and the birthing ground of incredible tabular icebergs. Two attempted shore landings a day means more sightings of leopard seals, whales and thriving colonies of roosting penguins.

Antarctic Wildlife

Witness large congregations of wildlife in this seemingly unhospitable region such as:

Gentoo Penguins The third largest penguin species, Gentoos are among the most commonly photographed species on voyages to Antarctica. They have a orange-red beak and white patch over their eyes.
Emperor Penguins Some lucky expeditions spot Emperor penguins around Antarctica. These are the grandest of all penguins, made famous in movies like "March of the Penguins". To see an Emperor penguin in the wild is to achieve something few other people have, or will ever, accomplish.
Whales Whale sightings are common on any voyage to Antarctica, but the species spotted changes with each departure. Hunting pods of Orcas may be spotted and Minke and Humpback whales are common. Getting close to Blue whales or Fin whales is also possible!
Elephant Seals The Elephant seal is found on South Georgia and was once almost hunted to extinction. These odd longing creatures have been known to weigh more than 10,000 pounds!
Weddell Seals Seemingly happy and smiling, these quintessential seals live further south in Antarctica than any other mammal in the world.
Albatross, Skua & other Birdlife The bird species that visit and inhabit Antarctica is surprisingly lengthy, especially when you include South Georgia and the Falklands. Albatrosses, Skuas, Fulmers, Petrels, Gulls, Terns and Cormorants are commonly sighted. The Wandering and Royal Albatross are most impressive while the bulky Skuas are most commonly seen around landing sites, searching for penguin meals or even landing on the ship to take a break from flight.

M/S Expedition

The M/S Expedition provides an intimate small-ship cruising experience. Completely refurbished in 2009, she boasts spacious cabins, each featuring ocean-facing windows or portholes and private en-suite facilities. Large common areas and observation decks provide panoramic views of the distinctive landscapes of some of the world's most remote regions. The Expedition's spacious confines can hold as many as 140 passengers, but our commitment to keeping group sizes small means you'll never have to share it with more than 131 others. Many expedition cruise operators offer you a choice of space, comfort or expertise; the M/S Expedition delivers all three at a price few can top.


Unlike many expedition ships, where public space is at a premium, the M/S Expedition has multiple large public areas to enjoy during sea crossings and in between land excursions.  Amenities include:

• 360° Observation Deck
• Fleet of 14 zodiacs with four stroke engines
• Complimentary Wellington Boots for duration of your cruise
• Complimentary destination guides for every passenger
• Large headed Mud Room
• Lonely Planet Library
• Discovery Lounge
• Large aft deck with barbeque facilities
• Polar Bear Pub
• Gift Shop
• Medical Clinic
• Sauna
• Computer Room with internet (where available)
• Gym
• Mobile phones for rent

The Crew

The M/S Expedition has one of the highest ratios of expedition team members to guests – with one expert for every 10 guests there is always someone on hand to answer your questions and provide greater insight and appreciation of the world at its extremes. The expedition team is comprised of professional and highly skilled historians, marine biologists, and naturalists who offer keen insight and a unique personal perspective to each and every adventure.

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