Cheap hotels & hostels in Asia

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Asia can be anything you want it to be. Go for the people and the massive diversity of culture and religion. Go for the ecology, the lush jungle and the absurdly exotic wildlife. Go for the food; the curries, the noodles, the local delicacies, or simply go for the sun and relaxation.  Browse our amazing selection of hotels and hostels in your destination to find the perfect place to stay, whatever your budget.

Thailand accommodation guide

Cheap Thailand hotels & resorts

Check out the great range of hotels and resorts in Thailand, where a little money goes a long way!  Live like a king in Bangkok, Samui, Phuket and more, or live the hippy life!
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Indonesia accommodation guide

Cheap Indonesia hotels & resorts

Whether it’s chilling out at the beach, surfing the waves in Bali, discovering active volcanoes or something else that takes your fancy, we’ve got Indonesia hotels in the best spots and for every budget. Search accommodation

Vietnam accommodation guide

Cheap Vietnam hotels & hostels

Bursting with history and culture, discover the wonders of Vietnam; from the bustling Ho Chi Minh City (also known as Saigon), to the mystery of the Vietnam War relic and plenty more! Check out the Vietnam hotel options. Search accommodation

Cambodia accommodation guide

Cheap Cambodia hotels & hostels

Explore the highlights of Cambodia, discover the ancient temples of Angkor Wat, or get amongst the markets, shrines, and temples of Phnom Penh while we sort out your bed for the night! Search accommodation

Hong Kong accommodation guide

Cheap Hong Kong hotels & hostels

Hong Kong is a truly fantastic place - but it can get a little mad sometimes, and is definitely somewhere that requires a little bit of organisation.
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Singapore accommodation guide

Cheap Singapore hotels & hostels

Go beyond the airport and explore this marvellous city in full. You can't walk even a few metres without encountering a wonderful waft of Asian irresistible food...mmm...
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Japan accommodation guide


Stuff yourself with sushi, check out the mighty sumo wrestlers or be dazzled by the vast array of new technologies in Tokyo.  Ponder life among the cherry blossoms or wander through impressive temples.  Whatever you do make sure you're sorted with a hotel. More

China accommodation guide

Cheap China hotels & hostels

If world heritage sites such as the Great Wall and Terracotta warriors fill you with excitement, if martial arts gets you going or delicious cuisine is on your travel plate, then China is for you. Search accommodation

India accommodation guide

Cheap India hotels & hostels

Stumble across a snake charmer, marvel at the Taj Mahal, and walk through the famous slums featured in Slum Dog Millionaire - but make sure book a bed before you arrive.
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Malaysia accommodation guide

Cheap Malaysia hotels & hostels

Whether you’re visiting the big modern city of KL or the gorgeous tropical beaches we’ve got Malaysia hotels to suit your budget.  Check out our Malaysia hotel options where you can book online in just a few easy steps. Search accommodation

Nepal accommodation guide

Cheap Nepal hotels & hostels

Relax your weary head after a day of trekking at one of our cheap Nepal hotels and accommodation we have on offer.
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Borneo accommodation guide

Cheap Borneo hotels & hostels

Check out the range of Borneo hotels catering for the budget backpacker right through to the traveller wanting a bit of beachfront luxury! Search accommodation

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