Australasia Travel Guides

We've travelled across sparkling seas, dense forests and lush landscapes to bring you our favourite spots in Australasia.

Kick off your travel research by checking out our destination travel guides below to Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Samoa.

Australia - Tasmania

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Natural beauty, lush rainforests, native wildlife, world class food and wine and historic sites. Go behind the scenery. Discover Tasmania.
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Australia - New South Wales

Travel guide to New South Wales

Golden beaches, wild terrain, non-stop sports events, a vibrant nightlife and home to crazy, cosmopolitan mardi-gras Sydney
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Australia - Queensland

Travel guide to Queensland

Whether it's sun, sea and sand you're after on the Gold Coast, a Whitsunday sailing adventure, or a spot of shopping in Brisbane - you'll find all that and plenty more, just head to Queensland!
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Australia - Northern Territory

Travel guide to Northern Territory

Discover the heart of Australia and what makes our wonderful, spiritual, and fascinating country so great.
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Australia - Victoria

Travel guide to Victoria

Travel the world famous Great Ocean Road (one of the most spectacular coastal drives in the world), surf the beaches, or spend wine-time at the Yarra Valley.
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Australia - South Australia

Travel guide to South Australia

Famous for spectacular diverse scenery, unspoilt beaches, wildlife galore, world class food and wine, churches...all this in just one state. Oh and how could we forget the legendary capital - Radelaide!
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Australia - Western Australia

Travel guide to Western Australia

The west coast of Australia is the epitome of stunning natural beauty. With beautiful beaches, warm aquamarine waters, amazing wildlife, stunning scenery and near perfect weather
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Australia Travel

Travel guide to Australia

Oi! Get true blue. From the energetic cities, magical outback, relaxed coastal lifestyle and inspiring Aboriginal heritage – Australia is one bloody awesome country (we’re a little biased, of course!).
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New Zealand Travel

Travel guide to New Zealand

Professional thrill-seekers, NZ is for you! Search and book New Zealand flights, accommodation in NZ from $17 a night, plus the odd bungy jump or two..
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Fiji Travel

Travel guide to Fiji

It’s officially time to see Fiji. Over 300 islands set in crystal clear waters with palm fringed beaches, lagoons, coral reefs, idyllic islands - Look out Fiji, here we come!
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Samoa Travel

Travel guide to Samoa

Samoa is one of the most laid-back places you’ll ever visit, with coastline that is seriously beyond picturesque.
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