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Who ever said you could only book flights from Australia?!  At STA Travel we have opened up all destinations around the world so you can book anywhere to anywhere!  You can create your own bespoke itinerary in your own time.  We have partnered with premium airlines such as Emirates, Etihad, Qatar and more to give you the best fares in the market.  Book anywhere to anywhere within South America, Asia, USA, or if you're already abroad, get the best deals from LA, London, Bangkok and anywhere you like back to Australia. 

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- Lowest flight prices guaranteed or we'll credit you $1000
- Exclusive cheap flights for students and youth under 31.

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The Quickie From $1999

The Wanderluster From $2799

SWISS multi-stop itineraries From $2399

Maximum destinations and minimum travel time from just $1999, that’s what ‘The Quickie’ route is all about. Home -> Auckland -> San Francisco -> Los Angeles -> London -> Rome -> Dubai -> Asia -> HOME! See everything you’ve dreamed of and more on this exciting, inspiring round-the-world itinerary from $2799. Home -> Singapore -> Sri Lanka -> London -> Paris -> Iceland ->Boston -> New York -> Washington -> Orlando - Los Angeles -> Auckland -> HOME! Swiss International Airlines & STA Travel have teamed up to bring you more round the world itineraries than a swiss army knife! From just $2399 plan your multi-stop adventure at your dream destinations and start your adventure!