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Cargo Class - Our April Fools Prank 2012

Post Yourself and SAVE - up to 80% off standard economy fares

In a world first, STA Travel are introducing Cargo Class fares** in exclusive partnership with the world's leading parcel-post freighters, using available space on their under-loaded flights.

We listened to your concerns about the global financial climate and found yet another way to innovate with discounted fares, by extending our experience with no-frills, independent budget travel to the flights themselves.  

Think of Cargo Class fares the same way you'd consider hostel accommodation: not as luxurious as a regular hotel, but a practical way to save if you're happy to compromise.  

Cargo Class
is the cheapest air travel available and a true expression of the STA Travel philosophy: no frills, all thrills! When the lowest price is absolutely top priority, nothing's cheaper than STA Travel Cargo Class.

The Details

Carry-on luggage only. Speed up the arrival process.

Seating & Comfort
Standard seating, safety belt and pressurised cabin.
Seat pitch is industry-standard 24", with 1" of incline.
You will be sharing the cabin with the scheduled freight shipment, secured according to industry standards by the freighter. Insurance is passenger’s sole responsibility.
STA Travel will provide a Snuggie and earplugs, as the Cargo Class cabin is maintained at 15 degrees for temperature-sensitive cargo, and is noisier than passenger flight seating classes. 

No meals provided, or available for purchase on-board.
You can BYO up to 1kg of food per 5000km of journey distance for consumption in-flight. Bottled water provided. If quarantine requirements at your destination forbid bringing food through customs, you must dispose of leftovers prior to disembarking.

In-flight Entertainment & Service
No in-flight entertainment is provided. You are welcome to bring your own books, iPads, devices etc, providing you comply with all in-flight directions regarding use and stowage.

Please note: Cargo Class has NO WINDOWS and limited lighting. We recommend passengers bring a torch or other lighting source if needed. As there are no other passenger classes on board, Cargo Class has NO CABIN CREW. We recommend only confident, independent travelers happy to attend to their own needs book this class.

There are standard plane toilets at the rear of the Cargo Class cabin. An overhead safety hand-rail is provided for safely moving between your seat and the toilets.

We’ve spent the past two years working with peak aviation safety regulators to meet stringent human comfort and safety targets for air travel while creating these CRAZY low fares. The only thing that’s been cut is the PRICE.

** selected routes only