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STA Travel Cashflex

STA CashFLEX Visa Card

Travel Cash Card

Our STA Travel CashFLEX Visa Card is the perfect accessory for your next trip. Pre-load the travel cash card with Australian dollars and spend in any currency. Our travel visa card offers a safe way to carry money on your travels without the inconvenience of exchanging currency prior to your trip - complete with low fees and a convenient online account to manage your money 24/7.

What is a prepaid travel cash card?

Prepaid cards do exactly what they say on the tin. You load onto a card, which can then be used in shops and restaurants just like a debit or credit card.




  • Flexible
    Use in over 35 million locations including 2.1 million ATM's.
  • Safe
    Cards are not linked to a bank account and you control your balance.
  • Save on fees
    Free overseas transactions and ATM fees for withdrawals over $250.

STA Travel Cashcards


Visa Card

Apply online
  • Available to all Australian residents over 18
  • FREE additional card
  • 24/7 Global Emergency Assistance
  • Chip & PIN protected for enhanced security and worldwide acceptance
  • Use in over 200 countries and millions of ATMs worldwide
  • Manage your funds via a secure online account or by SMS
  • Apply now and once approved you'll receive your personalised card within 7-10 working days
  • If you need your CashFLEX card urgently, head to your nearest STA Travel store to get your card issued on the spot

Travel Cash Card: Your questions answered

What is an STA Travel Cash Card?

An STA Travel Cash Card offers many of the same features as a debit or credit card, but you can only spend the money that you have loaded onto it. This makes it a convenient alternative to carrying cash overseas, reduces the risk of your bank details being stolen and can be a more cost effective solution than debit or credit cards.

How do I buy an STA Travel Cash Card?

You can apply for an STA Travel CashFLEX Cash Card online or visit us in store. If you apply online, once approved you'll receive your personalised card within 7 - 10 working days. ^

How do I top up my CashFLEX Cash Card?

You can top up your funds by bank transfer, with a credit or debit card and with cash at a post office or paypoint. You can also top up at all STA Travel stores in Australia*

How do I check my card balance?

You won't be able to check your balance at an ATM, but there are plenty of easy ways to find out how much you have in your account. You can check your balance by logging in online, or if you have registered your mobile number with us, just text ‘BAL’ and the last 4 digits of your card number to 19911234 from within Australia or +61 418 200 332 from outside Australia and we’ll reply with your current balance.

How do I activate my card?

Simply text the word ACT and the last four digits of your card number to 19911234 (if you have registered your mobile number with us) or call Customer Care on 1300 360 715.

How do I top up my card?

Topping up your card is easy and can be done in any of the following ways:

Visit any STA Travel store in Australia and instantly load money on to your card. Simply take your CashFLEX card with you and an STA Travel Expert will be happy to assist you. Please note a 1% fee applies.

Log in to your CashFLEX eccount and click the 'Top Up' tab. Here you can register your other bank cards with us to top up your card directly from your debit or credit cards. Please note a 1% fee applies.

You can top up your CashFLEX card with BPAY. Simply log in to your online, mobile or phone bank, enter the BPAY biller code 223529 and your unique customer reference number. You’ll find your customer reference number when you log in to your CashFLEX card online eccount and navigate to the 'Top Up via BPAY' section. When you make your first BPAY payment you can save the details for future use. Please note a 1% fee applies.

Can I use my card to hold bookings/reservations?

When travelling, we advise against using your card to secure a reservation or as a guarantee for future payment (ie – hotels, car rentals etc), as the merchant may pre-authorise a set amount which is much higher than the final bill. They will refund the difference, however this may take up to 14 days to credit your card. Instead, we suggest you offer to pre-pay.

Can I use my STA Travel CashFLEX Visa card to withdraw cash from a bank teller?

No, you can’t withdraw cash or manage your card in a bank branch. You can withdraw cash from any ATM displaying the VISA logo.

What is Dynamic Currency Conversion?

When overseas, goods, services and ATM withdrawals are usually given in the local currency. You may be offered the choice to pay in Australian Dollars instead. The local shop or ATM is performing the currency conversion for you and giving you its own foreign exchange rate. This is called Dynamic Currency Conversion.
You should always decline this option and choose to pay in the local currency, as often the exchange rate may be considerably higher than the rate your STA Travel CashFLEX Visa Card offers.
For the most up to date foreign exchange rates, click here.

How do I retrieve my PIN?

Your PIN was sent to you at the time of your application, however if you need a PIN reminder either log in to your account and click on the security tab or call Customer Care and we can remind you of your PIN via SMS.

Once you have your PIN, memorise it and you cannot change your pin. If you lose or forget your PIN, please contact Customer Care by phone on 1300 360 715 or email

Can I access my eccount while overseas?

Yes, you can access your online account from anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection. If you are using your mobile overseas, make sure you organise international roaming.

Is there a limit on how much cash I can withdraw per day?

The maximum amount you can withdraw per day is AUD $3,000.

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Terms and Conditions

* Bank transfers and tops up at STA Travel stores in Australia do not incur a fee.


**Fees apply


^Approval is subject to the presentation of proof of Australian residency together with an accepted form of photo identification in the form of an Australian Driver's Licence or one of the following passports: Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada, USA, South Africa, China, Malaysia and EU Countries (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden).

The STA Travel CashFLEX Visa Card is managed by Tuxedo Money Solutions PTY Ltd ABN 21 166 665 050 who are an authorised representative of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited (ABN 11 068 049 178 AFSL / Australian Credit Licence 237879). The STA Travel CashFLEX Visa Card is a prepaid card issued by Bendigo and Adelaide Bank pursuant to a license from Visa Worldwide PTE Limited. STA Travel Pty Ltd ABN 34 004 801 512 is the distributor of the card.

Card fees and top-up charges apply. View the terms and conditions.

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