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Build your own trip

The best part about taking a trip around the world is that your itinerary can be as structured or as flexible as you want it to be! Not a fan of our pre-planned itineraries? No worries! Build your own custom trip with our planner and we’ll dot the i’s and cross the t’s for you.
Lay By your flight for just $99

At STA Travel we are the original experts in round-the-world travel. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of everything from how to use stopovers to your advantage to finding the cheapest and quickest way to country-hop. Meet our awesome team of round-the-world experts – these guys have been everywhere and really know their stuff! Email them with your travel plans and they’ll gladly help get you on your round-the-world adventure!

Gone are the days of maxing out your credit card to book your next trip. Book with us and lay-by your round-the-world flights now for just a $99 deposit! Lay-by is available on a great selection of top airlines and is exclusive to STA Travel. Don’t miss out on the flights you want again – book now and pay later!

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