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What is FOMO?

I order everything on the menu - FOMO
I think we can all agree. Once you discover FOMO, you'll never be the same. It's a serious condition. A phobia. And it's worse for those who don't know. Cos as soon as you hear it, there's no turning back. You’re dying to know. In actual fact, you’re suffering from it right now.

Fear Of Missing Out!  ...and let the obsession begin.

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Do you have FOMO?


You’ll be texting it, tweeting it, status-updating it...FOMO will slowly but certainly take over your life!

  • When your mates organise a shindig and you can't go. 
  • When you check Twitter & Facebook...every 30 seconds. 
  • When you stare at your phone, waiting for it to ring. 
  • When you eat more- and more- to avoid food envy. 
  • When you sleep out to buy tickets. Or expensive shoes. 
  • When the thought of a queue excites you. 
  • When you constantly text your friends to see what they’re doing. 
  • When you feel edgy, slightly annoying, and mostly crazy…

The only way to cure FOMO is to be in – on everything.

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Symptoms of FOMO

Freak outs:
Little pangs of longing and jealousy start to escalate until finally…OMG! The freak out. Fomo sets in and takes over. Prepare for cold sweats, constant phone-checking and in some cases, hyperventilation.

Cranky pants:
Oh cranky pants. You’re in for a long day, or week…even year. FOMO is certainly not fun, nor easy to get over. The regret factor kills us. Mobile phone throwing, erratic tantrums, foot stomping, constant *aww*-ing, *why me*’s and *hate you*’s are all part of the drill.

Possessive texting:
Like panamax for fomo. Minute-by-minute texting is taken like pain relief. Yes your thumbs are about to fall off but so what; you’re there, without actually being there. “Beep-beep” is that quick message-tone hit we need to feel involved.

Social stalking:
Ctrl F5. Quick. Refresh. Where are they? What are they doing? What are they tweeting? Why is this page taking so long to load? What’s their status? Have they uploaded photos? Videos? Why didn’t I just go? Why am I still here? Why, why? Ohhohoho no. FOMO

FOMO can be terribly heartbreaking. For example; when you can’t get yourself off the couch; when you can’t sleep and you can’t eat (Doritos are the only exception); when showering becomes optional; when you know a festival lineup act-for-act; and you cry every hour, on the hour…*sob*

Is FOMO contagious?

Oops. Sorry. We probably should’ve mentioned this one earlier...seeing as the page is infested with FOMO and all. It’s actually highly contagious. So chances are you’re FOMO infected right now. In fact, you'll probably never be able to miss out again!

And once you have it, there’s only one way to shake it…

Can FOMO be cured?

Sure, why not. If you plan on staying awake 24/7 and being in a zillion different places at once, you'll never miss out on anything! 

Alas *professional sigh*, FOMO can be cured when it needs to be. A little word called 'yes' is all it takes for us not to miss out.

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Now that's what we call a cure...

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