Gap year survey

Gey Y Aussies travel as far as the resume reaches

Media Release - January 2007

70% of Y Generation Australian’s have already spent considerable time overseas and 65% intend to spend time overseas in the future according to a survey conducted by STA Travel, Australia’s leading youth and student travel advisor.

What is well known as the ‘Gap Year’ is now taken at one of three life stages including the ever popular traditional gap year taken after school.  Over 25% of those surveyed have taken a gap year between university and work and over 40% hope to take a gap year during their career.

According to Campbell Sallabank, CEO of the nation’s leading career building and networking site, travel has become an integral part of the career path for Australia’s Generation Y.

"Australia’s younger workers have travel on the agenda.  Travelling opens up experiences that they perceive as once in a lifetime opportunities that are completely dependent on location and culture.  Studying fashion in Milan, learning Spanish in Argentina or even working in a bar in London.

“These types of experiences are character building and are what makes our younger workforce confident, innovative and in tune with the reality of the global economy and its international contenders in various industries.”

The traditional gap year has changed but it appears that many still associate the name with the conventional gap year taken after school, 30% of those surveyed refer to their time overseas as a ‘gap year’, whilst 40% refer to their experience as a working holiday. 

A trend that Managing Director of STA Travel, Euan Friday, has noted.  “The traditional gap year has diversified, as travel has become more affordable and accessible. Organisations such as ourselves offer a choice of programs to suit every individual.

Gaining the most from a Gap Year, whenever the time is right, has never been easier with the prominence of student orientated travel options with STA Travel.