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STA Travel Gift Card

Travel: Best. Gift. Ever.

What better gift to give to your travel-obsessed sibling, offspring or bestie than... well, the world? With our travel gift cards you can help them fulfil their travel dreams. Visit us in store to top one up - even just $100 could get them their dream flights booked thanks to our $99 flight lay-by option...

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How does the STA Travel gift card work?

Gift Card
  • Any Budget

    Top up your gift card to your preferred budget

  • Any destination

    Fancy heading to the bright lights of NYC? Hiking up Machu Picchu? The choice is yours!

  • Flights & more

    Travellers can use their card on flights, accommodation nights and much more!

How far can the STA Travel gift card get you?

Think of it like this. You're buying someone who loves to travel a magic carpet for Christmas. Only it's plastic, three inches long and made for swiping, not sitting on. Here's what our most popular top-up amounts can get when you head to an STA Travel store - if you thought travel was an expensive gift, think again...
$50: First night's on you!
$50 can pay for up to three nights in a budget hostel pretty much anywhere in the world, one or two nights somewhere a little more 'flashpacker'. Even better, $50 pays for campervan hire for a day in New Zealand - one of the best roadtrip destinations on earth!
$100: Secure a flight!
Like it? Put a deposit on it and pay the rest later. Travellers can secure a flight anywhere in the world with just $99 - that includes flexible Round the World trips and multi-stop routes!
$200: Time to get away
A $200 gift card will bag holders exclusive mini-breaks on some of Queensland's best beaches... or Phuket, or Langkawi. Add another $50 on, and you'll be able to lock in the beginnings of a great adventure!
$250: Start their Adventure
Over 2 million adventurers start their journey with us every year, heading out to journey across Europe, Asia, South America, the USA and Africa... and it all starts with a $250 tour deposit. Add another $99 to secure their flights out there, and boom... You just made their Christmas/year/life!