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Free local events

Get to know us better - come say hello!

'Free Local Events' is where you’ll find all the times and deets for places we’re going to be, and events or chats we’re conducting out in the actual world: yes, IRL.

Our local appearances take on many shapes -  uni events, store pop-ins, other PR gate-crashes – anything where we have to physically get out, IRL style, into your world. We’re not just a website and a bunch of stores - we’re hardcore travel missionaries, spreading the gospel of life-changing trippage, and we get out of the office EVERY chance we get.

Hit an event and score sweet swag, enter killer comps, find fab fares and meet STAN, the STA Travel Freedom Van. Our gorgeous li’l split-screen guy gets to most Melbourne-town shindigs, though he’s constantly rumbling about dragging his wheels further afield, too (STAN loves a road-trip as much as we do!). He also loves a good photo opp...

See you soon.

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