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Language courses

Language courses
Learning a new language overseas is an experience that will stay with you forever. Whatever you are looking for from Chinese to Spanish lessons, we guarantee you won't be tongue tied for long.

Courses are available in a range of durations from 1 week to 1 year and for all levels of experience from beginner to intensive. Plus you have the choice to enjoy an authentic homestay experience or local apartment accommodation. Our partner schools are welcoming and friendly with fantastic facilities and highly qualified teachers. So, what are you waiting for?
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Spanish is one of the most important and widely spoken foreign languages. We have courses in Spain and all over Latin America - take your pick!

• Barcelona
• Madrid
• Malaga
• Seville
• Valencia

• Argentina - Buenos Aires
• Chile - Santiago
• Costa Rica - Manuel Antonio, Playa Tamarindo, San José
• Cuba - Havana
• Ecuador – Montañita, Quito
• Guatemala - Antigua
• Mexico - Mexico City, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Vallarta
• Panama - Bocas del Toro
• Peru – Cuzco, Lima


For many, the world's most beautiful language is Italian. La Dolce Vita has never been sweeter; learn this beautiful language in Italy!

• Rome
• Florence
• Venice


French is the language of love, gourmet cuisine and diplomacy. Broaden your horizons by learning this truly world language, spoken on five continents.

• Paris
• Nice
• Montpellier 

Rich in expressions and phrases, German is a rewarding language to learn. Experience rich history and vibrant modern culture on a language holiday.

• Berlin 


Portuguese is spoken by over 200 million people worldwide. Learn this poetic language in the mother country, Portugal or in beautiful Brazil!

• Portugal - Lisbon
• Brazil - Salvador da Bahia


A language holiday in Russia will introduce you to the culture and history of this fascinating country.

• Moscow
• St Petersburg 


Learn the most widely spoken language in the world, in a country with a future looming large. Our courses teach the most widely spoken Chinese language, Mandarin.

• Beijing
• Shanghai


Learning to speak Japanese is the key to discovering the diverse and sometimes mysterious culture of this incredible country.

• Tokyo


Sawasdee - Welcome to the Land of Smiles! 74 Languages are spoken in Thailand but most people speak a dialect from the region in and around Bangkok, called ‘Standard Thai’. It is a so-called tonal language and is considered easy to learn.

• Bangkok


After Chinese, Hindi is the 2nd most widely spoken language. Although over 100 languages are spoken in India, the knowledge you acquire from learning Hindi can be extremely helpful when travelling through this magical country.

• Goa

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