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Study & learn abroad

Study abroad & learn while you travel

Feel like getting more out of your next trip? We've pulled together some awesome learn-as-you-travel options for you. Learn a new language, learn to teach English, learn to play soccer in Brazil, or study fashion in Milan! Not only will you learn new skills, your experience in another culture will be a life-long lesson in itself!

Language courses

1 week - 1 year language courses

Learning a new language overseas is an experience that will stay with you forever.  Whatever you are looking for from Chinese to Spanish lessons, we guarantee you won't be tongue tied for long. More

Learning holidays

Learn something new this year

Check out our inspirational holiday courses in 30 countries over the worldwide. Go learn to surf, cook, paint, horse ride, make jewellery, dance & more on your next holiday. More

Study in London, UK & Europe

Learn something new in Europe & UK

Learning seems so much more romantic with Europe or the UK as a backdrop doesn't it? Well, you can do it!

Teach English, study at a UK university or learn a language - options abound!


Study in USA, Canada & Latin America

Learn something new in the Americas

Want to study without hitting the books? Get REAL experience with the study abroad programs in both America & Canada!

How about learning football in Brazil or getting qualified to ski in Canada? And if you do like to hit the books, we've got you covered too - try your hand at teaching English or studying in Canada!


Study in Australia, NZ & Pacific

Learn something new in NZ, Australia and the Pacific

Always wanted to learn how to surf or sail a yacht? Our Pacific programs will get you on your way!

We can set you up to learn how to surf on world class beaches, or be your own skipper with Flying Fish.


International student exchange programs

International student exchange programs

Interested in living and studying overseas as an exchange student? Discover different cultures, the world and yourself.

World Education Program (WEP) Australia specialises in international student exchange programs in more than 20 countries! Travel overseas and reap the benefits of being an international exchange student.


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