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STA Travel Social Responsibility

At STA we believe nothing inspires goodwill, understanding and a genuine desire to support and care for our world and others, than travel. Because of this great gift we take our responsibility to ensure our travel experiences are conscious, authentic and sustainable very seriously. We acknowledge our responsibility to the regions and communities we travel to, ensuring we positively impact their environments and economies. We acknowlege our responsibilty to our staff, providing knowledge, training and development to ensure a positive end-to-end experience for both staff and customers. We acknowledge our commitment and responsibility to the many natural worlds we travel to, ensuring the flora, fauna and all wildlife that exist within these ecosystems are respected and supported.

We encourage our customers to engage and continue on exploring and postively impacting the world they travel to by ticking off items on our responsible check list, as well as encouraging and training our customer facing staff to do the same by introducing a programme of sustainability training to support our customers in creating an ethically sound travel experience.




Founded in 2012, the STA Travel Foundation is our chosen method of giving something back to the communities that we work in. By funding a number of projects we are really making a difference to the local communities we've gotten to know over the years as well as supporting local causes in the countries where we have stores and offices. By harnessing our brand to raise money from our staff, customers, suppliers and networks we can help smaller charities and NGOs access vital funds. STA Travel covers all costs of running this registered charity meaning that every penny the Foundation raises goes straight towards our chosen causes around the world. STA Travel also donate $30,000 per year to the foundation via staff donation matching.

STA Travel are committed to bringing authentic travel experiences to all and take the responsibility of supporting sustainable and ethically viable tours in high regard. As a result , STA Travel has commenced a full audit of all tours that involve direct or indirect contact with animals, and to date has discontinued the sale of the Tiger Temple tour in Thailand, San Fermin Festival tours in Pamplona and a lion research project in Zambia. We have also replaced all tours which include elephant riding with alternative activities.

In response to our customers and to good practice in animal protection and welfare we continue to align our products with our values of positive, sustainable and conscious travel.

Read STA Travel's Animal Welfare policy here.
Read STA Travel's Animal Practices statement here.

Ultimately, we stand by our three pillars of social reponsibility. A simple framework that ensures we're always on track, meeting our expectations and consistently improving through these three key areas;

At STA we employ over 2,500 staff globally and indirectly employ many more throughout our supply chain. As an employer we take our responsibility to these people very seriously and want to ensure that as well having safe and comfortable working environments they also have the opportunities they need to develop and grow with the company and are well supported. We also want to make sure that we support the next generation of STA staff through offering opportunities to young people. This planet is our playground. We spend our days talking about all the amazing adventures it has to offer, and empowering our customers to take every opportunity to enjoy life-changing experiences. It is therefore only right that we do all we can to preserve the planet for future generations by reducing our environmental impact. We work with credible partners to secure travel experiences that are not only authentic but also responsible and sustainable as well as regularly assessing all of our operations to ensure that we can be proud of how we do our business. We are constantly assessing the ways in which we work and welcome any suggestions from our customers and suppliers alike.