price drop promise

How it works

1. Price Drop Promise is only available on STA Travel ‘Blue Tickets’, departing first from Australia. 


2. It is only valid when the dates, cities and airline booking classes are identical to those originally booked. 


3. Price drop promise will only be offered on product available to the general public from airline direct, retail store and call centre travel agencies incorporated and registered within Australia. All prices must be in Australian dollars and tickets issued via Australian IATA agencies only (IATA number and ABN or ACN must be displayed on quotation).


4. If you find a cheaper price, you must provide a full copy of the competitor quote on headed paper, which must also include the airline booking reference. If presenting an online airline quote, a current screenshot of the webpage at the final payment stage must be provided with the current quote date included on the screenshot. Quote must contain matching airfare/tour/accommodation description, travel dates, number of passengers, full price breakdown including all fees and charges (all airfare and taxes must be separately displayed). The quote must be showing availability within the same booking type, duration, board basis, with any inclusions/restrictions listed. The full supplier & agent terms & conditions must be displayed and must all be like for like with the STA Travel quote in order to offer Price Drop Promise.


5. This quote needs to be presented to STA Travel on the same day as the quote was created by the competitor. The full-payment date, or ticketing deadline must be displayed on the quote, including date and time, which must not have passed. Online quotes must have the current date displayed on the payment screenshot. The Price Drop Promise will be valid against the initial competitor quote only. No one likes a price war!

6. Where we believe there to be an erroneous fare displayed by a competitor or that the price offered is no longer available to book, we have 1 (one) full business day to investigate the pricing. If at this point we prove the price to be invalid/incorrect or unavailable in the same economy booking class the best STA Travel price will be offered.

7. When the quote gets the STA Travel all clear, we will pay back the difference to be used as credit towards future flights, hotels/ tours or insurance, bookable through any STA Travel Store. Travel credit is valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

Terms & Conditions

Price drop promise
• Price Drop Promise is only available on STA Travel’s ‘Blue Tickets’, first departing Australia, where all flights are on the one ticket number.  
• Price Drop Promise may only be used once, and it must be used within 30 days of layby deposit or full payment of the booking & no later than 72hours before departure – whichever comes first. 
• The Price Drop Promise will be valid against the initial competitor quote only. We will not enter into an ongoing price negotiation
• Where Lay-by has been used, STA Travel will honour the lower price, this will be the new balance due and no credit will be due to the customer.
• If applying a Price Drop Promise offer to a layby booking, the laby must be paid off in full at time of Price Drop Promise being applied