Responsible Traveller

responsible traveller
Responsible travel is about lightening our tread on this planet and giving back to the places we roam... Leave as little impact as possible and protect the environment both at home and during your trip.

Here you will find some of our top tips for responsible travel…

The STA Travel approach

Responsible travel has been with STA Travel in various shapes and forms since our pioneering days. Over three decades, we’ve helped millions of travellers to make deep connections to the places they visit, and to come away with a greater sense that we’re sharing this world. In 2011 we made it all official by signing up with Sustainable Travel International - a non-profit organisation helping travel providers to support environmental conservation and protect cultural heritage - to take part in their rigorous Eco-Certification Program. Endorsed by the United Nations’ Global Sustainable Tourism Council, the holistic program tracks the good stuff we’ve done so far, examines our environmental footprint, and highlights the gaps we must fill in order to gain the highest accreditation by 2015. Our goal is to earn the full five-stars by 2015, and we’ll be audited by an external body along the way. No excuses. No shortcuts.

Green Travel Tips

Think "Green" when you pack and when you travel. You'll help prevent long-term effects on the communities and areas you visit. Here's some advice on how to do that…

Before You Leave  While You Travel 
Turn your hot water heater to its lowest setting  For shorter trips, take a train instead of flying. This is a particularly good idea in places like Europe where trains are fast and efficient. 
Turn off your AC/heater or change your thermostat setting  Carry a reusable water bottle and refill it as you go 
Turn off your water supply from the outside  Ask hotel staff not to change your sheets and towels daily 
Unplug electronics, appliances etc.  Turn off air-conditioning and lights when you leave your hotel room 
Suspend your newspaper subscription  Use the bathroom in the airport, NOT in the plane. The fuel used for a single flush could run a car for over 9 kms! 
Pack light, the more weight a plane carries, the more fuel it uses  Choose a sensible sized car when renting and don’t accept ‘free upgrades’ which will cost you more in fuel. 
Pack eco-friendly clothes. Try products made from hemp, recycled felt, bamboo and organic linen, for example.  Don't buy souvenirs produced from endangered species: shells, feathers, animal skins 

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