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roaming sim
Cheap Overseas Roaming, save up to 90%  $29.95 (inc $10 voice/data credit)

Roaming SIM allows roaming in 230 countries and savings of up to 90% on global roaming costs. We’ve negotiated deals with local carriers to hook you up with the best global voice and data roaming rates for all your mobile travel communications – update your Facebook status, share Instagram and Hipstamatic pics or post to Twitter from nearly anywhere for WAY cheaper than contract rates.

Roaming SIM rocks in your tablet, Apple iPad, iPhone (or Android/other smartphone) and Laptop. Your device needs to be unlocked and newer phones (less than 5 years old) will perform best.

RoamingSIM Key Features and Benefits

• One SIM for 200 + countries
• Affordable data for Facebook, Skype and Twitter
• Voice and Data Roaming on one SIM
• Make and receive calls, send SMS
• Access the internet / emails
• Use with mobile phone, iPhone, tablet device (incl. iPad) or laptop
• +44 UK number provided with SIM
• Local Australian number provided for friends, family & colleagues to call*
• Pre-paid – Top Up online anytime, Auto Top Up avail.
• MicroSIM option for iPad/iPhone **

* Free for first month. You may choose to extend for a small monthly fee.
** RoamingSIM is dual sized for standard or microSIM purpose

Things to Know

RoamingSIM is so competitive we have included a Rates comparison to Australian providers section. Also check out our Rates by Country to see all the costs involved depending on where you are and we have added some FAQ's for you for any questions you may have. 

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