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Surf the Globe around the world flight

Route: Australia -> Durban -> Nice (make your own way to) Madrid -> Buenos Aires (make your own way to) Rio ->Lima -> New York -> Los Angeles -> Honolulu -> Australia

Round the world flight price

ex. SYD ex. MEL ex. BNE ex. ADL ex. PER
Students &
under 26:
$3999* $3999* $3999* $3999* $3999*

Departure period: 04OCT12- 25NOV12
To book this round the world ticket call 134 STA (782) or get into your nearest branch
conditions: *valid for students holding a current International Student Identity Card (ISIC). Prices and itineraries are correct as at May 11 & are subject to change without notice. Prices are per person and for cash sale only, payment by other methods will attract a non-cash admin fee.

Tours and travel while you're there...

Make the most of your Round the World trip with these awesome add-ons!

Hitch a Ride Learn in Sebastian
Wish you could explore all the best bits of South Africa at your own pace? You can! We’ve got hop-on hop-off bus passes so just ask your adviser – they are great if you’re not sure how to explore South Africa’s terrain or simply need a lift between each of your surfing spots. Packed full of travellers, you’re sure to meet new mates too!
San Sebastian is a must on any trip to Spain, simply for the pintxos! But if you want to dig a little deeper, we’d thoroughly recommend shacking up here for a week to learn how to surf and some Spanish while you’re at it. The perfect double whammy; you’ll take Spanish lessons in the mornings and surf the Basque Coast all afternoon. Bliss!
Go Surfing in Brazil Kayak at Kailua Beach Park
If you could choose anywhere in the world to perfect your surfing skills, Brazil would be it. Or more specifically, Rio. In fact, we’ll name our ultimate beach of choice for you – Praia Arpoador. Nestled between its more famous neighbours, Ipanema and Copacabana, it’s the perfect place to learn the basics and live out your surfing dream.

Brazil Learn to Surf, 4 days from $249
This beautiful reef protected bay is a must-do in Hawaii. Its calm, turquoise waters are filled with endangered turtles, the islands are home to bird sanctuaries and the white sand beaches are the stuff of dreams. The best way to explore is by kayak – we’ll provide lessons but it’s self-guided too so you can still do your own thing.

For more info & to book these tours call 134 STA (782) or head to your nearest branch
*prices are correct as of 30OCT12 and are subject to change without notice.

Round the World trip planners

Plan your Round the World trip online!

Create your own Round the World trip and itinerary with our Round the World trip planner tools. There are two to choose from: Qantas/British Airways + exclusive Student & under 26yrs planner! Round the World trip planners >

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