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The Tale of 3 Cities From $1999

Keep it simple and focus on hitting 3 major cities spread across two continents for your round the world trip. The Tale of 3 Cities itinerary takes you first to Johannesburg, South Africa, where your opportunities are endless. From here you can visit Table Mountain, see the ‘Big Five’ and camp under the stars or go overlanding and explore more of the African continent. Next you’ll fly to London, where you’re perfectly placed to travel throughout more of Europe. Ride the Eurostar to Paris or make your own way to the eccentric Amsterdam, a great stop on your way to see more of Western Europe by train, bus or plane - at your leisure.

FROM $1999




This great little multi stop is perfect for a long holiday. Start off in Johannesburg where your African adventure begins! Climb Kilimanjaro, go on safari or hire a van and go off the beaten track. Whizz over to London before making your own way to the crazy city of Amsterdam. Explore everything this part of Europe has to offer from awesome beers and crazy nightlife to museums and art galleries before heading back home to tell your mates all about your awesome trip.

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Feel the burning heat of the African sun as you head out in a 4x4 in search of the Big 5. Work up a sweat hiking up Kilimanjaro or spend your time volunteering with local school children. Check out our top African experiences below for some big trip inspiration...