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Round the World Flights

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The Quickie Round the World Itinerary - 5 Stops from $1999

Maximum destinations and minimum travel time, that’s what ‘The Quickie’ route is all about. Start with a stopover in Auckland before arriving in San Francisco. From there head to Los Angeles, fly across the Atlantic to London, hit up Rome and then you’re on your way to freshen up in Dubai before an Asian pit-stop on your way home! We’ll get you off and away on the ultimate round-the-world trip from just $1999.

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The Wanderluste from $2799

Tick off your bucket list as you go with this unique but fulfilling round-the-world itinerary we love to call ‘The Wanderluster’. From Singapore to Sri Lanka and then on to London, Paris and beyond, this flight route will even take you to Iceland!

The Snow Stopper from $2599

If snow is your thing you’ll love this itinerary. It’s designed to get you up close to some of the best ski fields in the world. You’ll hit Canada, New Zealand, Japan and even Switzerland on this 6 stop round-the-world adventure!

The Tale of 3 Cities from $1999

Keep it simple and focus on hitting 3 major cities spread across two continents for your round-the-world trip. This itinerary hits South Africa, Northern Europe and the UK before looping its way back to Australia.

The Alley-Oop from $2499

‘The Alley-Oop’ is a great way to explore the Americas from the bottom up. You’ll start flying in to Chile and make your way through South America en route to the USA. After that, fly to Canada and then stop in Auckland, New Zealand.

SWISS round the world itineraries FROM $2399

Not a Student?  Check out our Swiss Multistop Itineraries.  They have more options than a Swiss Army Knife!  You can combine Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe....pretty much everywhere!  From $2399 its definately a option worth looking into!