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Swiss Round the World Flights

Swiss Airlines International Round the World Itineraries from $2399

Swiss International Airlines and STA Travel have teamed up to bring you more round the world options than a swiss army knife! Choose one of our routes or build your own as you traverse the hemispheres to explore what every continent has to offer! With options galore on stop-overs, you can incorporate Africa and the North or South of the Americas en route from Asia or Europe in your world tour! Starting at just $2399 these routes for those 26 and over take you from sun to snow and everywhere in between. So start your adventure with a Swiss trip you wouldn't dare to miss.

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Corkscrew your way from Arica to Asia from $2399 in 3 stops Woodsaw your way through Asia and USA from $2399 from 4 stops

Take a spin around the world with the Corkscrew flight itinerary through Asia, Europe and Africa! Experience cultures across the spectrum as this route takes you on a literal round trip through Johannesburg, Zurich and Hong Kong.

This itinerary will have you travelling your way from the bustling Asian hub of Singapore through the Northern Hemisphere to Europe with stopovers in Zurich and Paris before flying across to the USA's East Coast through to Los Angeles.

Screwdriver via Africa to Asia from $2399 in 3 stops Cut & Pick your way through Africa and South America from $2899 in 3 stops

In this adventure, start off in the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong and find yourself in the European centre of Zurich, before flying over the Atlantic down to Brazil and Santiago for a truly South American experience.   

Cut your way around the world on this Swiss adventure through the astounding continents of Africa and South America. Stopover in Johannesburg, Brazil and Santiago with an in-betweener in Zurich, in the heart of Europe.

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