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Teaching English Overseas

Teaching jobs abroad 

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language; it’s an online learning course you can take which gives you the skills and confidence you need to teach the English language across the world. It presents a great opportunity to those interested in travel as it allows them to explore, be immersed in new cultures and communities, meet new people, add new skills to their cv and so much more. If you’re an adventurous spirit with a passion for living and working abroad within a brand new culture then TEFL could be perfect for you.


The LoveTEFL team will be with you all the way, ensuring that you are fully prepared and supported throughout the entire internship. For those who aren’t TEFL qualified don’t worry! The Internship + TEFL option includes extensive training through our 120-hour online TEFL course, which provides everything you need to know about TEFL and an expert tutor who will support you throughout your studies.

Find Paid Teaching Jobs Abroad

Earn up to $3000 a month living and working as an English teacher overseas. No previous experience is necessary; as long as you can speak English, we can show you the rest by getting you onto a TEFL course!

If you want to live and work abroad as a TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) teacher, our TEFL job placement service is one of the simplest and most hassle-free ways of finding paid teaching work overseas.

Our in-country partners recommend the 120 Hour Online or 140 Hour Combined TEFL Course in order to find work with them.

Taking a TEFL Internship:

• Be fluent in English
• Be aged 18+
• To be a native English speaker with a passport from the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand.
• Be ready for an adventure teaching English abroad
What’s included?       

120 Hour Online TEFL Course

The 120-hour online training course qualifies tutees (customers) to teach English as a Foreign Language. The course is accessed online using an online learning platform. There are 10 modules on the course, covering all the essentials of learning to be a TEFL teacher. The course covers:

- Introduction to language teaching
- Classroom management & teaching techniques
- Lesson Planning/resources/materials
- Speaking and listening
- Vocabulary and Pronunciation
- Reading and writing
- Teaching young learners
- Language awareness and grammar
- Prepare written lesson plan
- Assessing and testing learners
- Multimedia in the classroom / professional development / getting a job
- End of course test

 140 Hour Combined TEFL Course
The 140 hour course combines all of the great online content included in the 120 hour online course with an extra 20 hours of hands-on, face-to-face classroom training. This is great for students who want to make sure they’re totally prepared when it comes to taking their first lesson. The classroom portion takes place over a weekend and there are a number of locations
- TEFL principles
- Teaching new language
- Grammar & error correction
- Pronunciation
- Teaching reading & listening
- Using course books
- Teaching practise
- Your TEFL future

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Teach English eligibility -

  • No previous teaching experience needed (however there are some exceptions)
  • You need to be able to speak English at a native level
  • You need to have completed the necessary level TEFL qualification
  • For more eligibility criteria please visit your local STA Travel branch
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