North America
By Kim Durbridge

Canada’s seven best national parks

Filled with rocky trails and horny beasts, Canada’s national parks are an outdoorsy wonderland. From the polar bears of Churchill to the whales of Pacific Rim, here’s our pick of the best national parks in Canada.

By Guest Blogger

Europe’s top 18 cities for absolutely everything

Old cities, drinking cities, seaside cities, cheap cities and stuff-your-face-full-of-cheese cities.
Sometimes it’s wrong to put labels on things. However, Europe is home to so many beautiful and diverse cities, that it would be impossible to know which to visit without them. And the winning categories are…

Latin America
By Guest Blogger

Best surf beaches in Central America

Surf’s up! From beginner breaks in Costa Rica to monster waves in El Salvador, here’s a rundown of our favourite surf spots in Central America.

North America
By Laura Caveney

8 unique adventures to experience in the US

A stroll along Hollywood Boulevard, catching a Broadway show, and putting $10 on red at a Las Vegas casino. These are the must-do American experiences we all know about. But why don’t you move away from the crowd and try your hand at something a little different while you’re in the US? This country is supersized, not just in size, but adventure too.

By Hannah Jeffery

Our 2018 travel crush: Why Sabah is the dream travel destination

We love it when a plan comes together. Especially when that plan involves finding a destination that ticks off all your trip goals in one…

By Guest Blogger

Traveller in Paradise: Your perfect Fiji island

Match yourself to the perfect Fiji island. Are you a surfer/relaxation chaser/culture vulture? There’s a Fiji island for everyone…