By Rachael Porter

48 hours in Venice

I’m Rachael, lover of pasta, red wine and pretty buildings. So naturally, when I visited Venice (on my own, I might add – screw the romance) I absolutely fell in love. Here’s why…

By Guest Blogger

10 must do’s on the Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands, owned by Denmark, has Icelandic vibes and is Europe’s best kept secret… Maybe not for long though, so start packing those woolies!

By Rachael Porter

How to spend 48 hours in Bruges

Planning your European escape? Find out why you should add a little stopover in Bruges, Belgium to your list…

By Laura Caveney

15 unique places to stay before you die

A standard dorm in a standard hostel? Please. You’re anything but ordinary so why settle for ordinary? Well traveller you don’t have to, read on for…

By Georgie Birch

A beginner’s guide to the Islands of Hawaii

Read on to find out which Hawaiian Island is your perfect match. Tropical shirt at the ready!

By STA Travel

48-hour fling with Amsterdam

If you’re making the long journey to Europe, then make sure you get the Netherlands capital on your to-do list: it’s a love affair waiting…