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The best Pride parades on the planet

It’s true, love really does make the world go round. That’s love, not money. And definitely not the conservation of angular momentum. Insert confused face…

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Qatar Airways wins World’s Best Airline in 2017

At STA Travel, we have very high standards (39,000 feet high). And we only travel with the very best. We also love a good league…

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8 things you didn’t know about Antarctica

The coldest, driest, windiest and highest continent on Earth, Antarctica is doing a good job of stealing all the superlatives. So we know it has…

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Contiki’s #STATravelSquad goals: 10 ways to embrace Europe

Back in April, 50 lucky members of the #STATravelSquad set off on Contiki’s Western Quest trip for a week of fun covering London, Barcelona ,…

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10 times backpacking actually sucks

Living out of a backpack just gets too much sometimes, and you promise that you’ll never take your wardrobe for granted again. You feel like…

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10 things you probably didn’t know about New Zealand

Giant fjordlands, the mighty All Blacks, sauvignon blanc and this lost ring that everyone seems to be searching for… New Zealand’s charms are famous and…