By Hannah Jeffery

Our 2018 travel crush: Why Sabah is the dream travel destination

We love it when a plan comes together. Especially when that plan involves finding a destination that ticks off all your trip goals in one…

By Guest Blogger

Traveller in Paradise: Your perfect Fiji island

Match yourself to the perfect Fiji island. Are you a surfer/relaxation chaser/culture vulture? There’s a Fiji island for everyone…

By Hannah Jeffery

Summer starts here: Europe’s best island hopping

From Ibiza’s barefoot Balearic beats to the castaway islands of Croatia or turquoise waters and ancient ruins of Greece and Turkey, summertime in Europe is all a-boat island hopping. See what we did there?

North America
By Lewis Cook

Travel crush: Feel the energy of New Orleans

Street parties, swinging hips, an infectious atmosphere and delicious creole fare – it’s hard not to adore New Orleans. Where music is in the water…

By Rachael Porter

48 hours in Venice

I’m Rachael, lover of pasta, red wine and pretty buildings. So naturally, when I visited Venice (on my own, I might add – screw the romance) I absolutely fell in love. Here’s why…

By Guest Blogger

10 must do’s on the Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands, owned by Denmark, has Icelandic vibes and is Europe’s best kept secret… Maybe not for long though, so start packing those woolies!