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Fiji Holidays



Bula - welcome to paradise. 

You'll hear 'Bula' (a friendly greeting) the minute you step off the plane (and about 400 times daily for as long as you're here). It sums up the warmth and hospitality you can expect from the super-friendly Fijians and it just seems to radiate sunshine. You'll soon adjust to 'Fiji Time' as you explore the villages and volcanic scenery of the mainland (Viti Levu), and then take it down a further few notches when you hop over to the Yasawas or Mamanucas.

Fiji Fast Facts

fiji language

Languages Spoken

There are three official languages in Fiji: English, Fijian and Hindi.

fiji currency


Name: Fijian Dollar

Code: FJD

Symbol: $100 FJD is approx $61

fiji time zone

Time Zone

Time Zone: Fiji Standard Time (UTC+12:00)

Tropical Living in Fiji

You'd be forgiven for thinking Fiji is all aquamarine waters and golden beaches, but there's far more to this idyllic collection of islands. Munch your way through delicious Fijian cuisine (the curries and seafood are to die for), explore swaying canefields, verdant green highlands and Suva's historical hotspots. Add the rich indigenous culture, the annual ritual of fire-walking at the Mariamma Temple and you've got the spicy taste of Fiji. Bula!


Looking for things to do in Nadi? Why not pay a visit to Nadi's famous handicraft market where you'll come across a treasure trove of arts, crafts and handmade souvenir stalls which are open daily. Also located west of Nadi is the glittering island of Denarau which is the perfect location for a pampered stay at one of it's eight large resorts.
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Yasawa Islands

The Idylllic Yasawa islands lie just off the mainland of Fiji and offer an amazing diversity of activities. Feel the warm white sand between your toes as you idle away the hours with a cold drink in your hand. Snorkel and dive with the fish and the colourful coral or take part in one of the islands most popular activities and go sailing!
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Mamanuca Islands

The Mamanuca Islands are all about adventure, from surfing to hopping on a small-ship cruise there's just about something for everyone (with 20 islands to explore, why wouldn't there be?) with the option of getting pampered on an island spa or catching the waves, it's no wonder the Mamanuca Islands are the most popular!
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Fiji Fast Facts

fiji beer


The average cost of a beer in Fiji is $5 (approx $3), but you can get a case for a lot cheaper at the local supermarket - usually around $45 (approx $28).

fijian cuisine


The cost of a meal in Fiji can range from $6-$12 (approx $3.70-$7.40).

fiji taxi

Taxi Ride

Looking to catch a cab? A normal taxi tariff starts at $1.50 (approx 93c) and each additional 1km will cost you $1 (approx 60c).

transport fiji


Fiji has extremely affordable public transport, with the cost of a one-way ticket costing around $1 on average (approx 60c).

fiji hostel


Hostels in Fiji start from as little as $15 a night (approx $9.30).

fiji hotel


Fiji has a range of accommodation to choose from, including hotels, village stays, hostels and resorts. Prices start from $60 per night (approx $37).

Flights to Fiji

Fiji has two main airports, one in Suva and the other at Nadi. More than likely, you'll arrive in Nadi as it has the best access to the beach resorts and the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands. Fiji Airways is the national carrier but plenty of other airlines fly daily from various cities in Australia. Search below to find the cheapest flights to Fiji with exclusive fares for students and those under 30.
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Fiji Highlights


Fiji Island Hopping

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Feejee Experience 

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Volunteering in Fiji

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Fiji package deals

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When is the best time to visit Fiji?

Planning Fiji holidays can be tiring stuff...what brand of suntan lotion to take, how many swimsuits to pack - the list of first world problems is endless! Fiji is a year round destination, but you've got to make sure you pick the right time. We recommend the off peak season (March-October) to beat the crowds of families, with Fiji's dry season occuring between May-September.
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