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Getting Around: Rail

Rail Passes & Train Tickets

Travelling by rail can be the quickest, safest and most comfortable way to get around when you're abroad. We offer international rail passes and train tickets in a huge range of countries worldwide, with exclusive Europe rail passes and competitive prices on all tickets. So whether you're headed to Europe for the Summer or for an Asian adventure in Japan or Korea, you can get your transport sorted here!

Europe Rail Passes

Europe is the perfect place to travel by rail. Train journeys in Europe can take you between a number of different countries and a kaleidoscope of gorgeous landscapes - it really is the best and cheapest way to get about. We've got a range of Europe rail passes to choose from including the Eurail Global Pass, regional passes, one and four country passes, and Britrail passes to explore the UK.
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Why You Should Travel By Train

More often than not, trains are cheaper than driving or flying, particularly if you want to check out several countries on one trip or cover some serious distance. Rail passes allow you the freedom to travel when and where you like, so it doesn't matter if you miss that 8am train...Travelling by train also means that you can just show up 30 mins ahead of time and get straight on a train. And if you want to save on time and accommodation, you can always take a sleeper train!

Japan Rail Passes

From the neon lights of Tokyo to the geisha girls of Kyoto and the serene beauty of Mount Fuji, travelling through Japan by train is the best way to capture the many flavours and faces of this country. With the world-famous Shinkansen, or 'bullet' trains, you can see the whole lot with a Japan rail pass! Don't forget to buy your pass before you go as they cannot be purchased in country.
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Amtrak USA Rail Passes

Amtrak USA Rail Passes are your key to discovering the diverse landscapes the USA has to offer. From the busy vibrant cities to the mountains and sea - USA Rail Passes ensure travellers the luxury of travelling at their own pace, enabling them to see as much of America as their schedule permits. Get travelling and book a 15 day, 30 day or 45 day Rail Pass online today.
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Italy Rail Passes

Explore Milan - the fashion capital of Italy, take a ride on a gondola in Venice, check out the world-class art galleries of Florence or explore the ancient Colosseum in Rome. Travel up and down the length of Italy at your own pace with an Italy rail pass or book P2P (point to point) tickets between all the major towns and cities.
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The easiest way to travel from London to Paris. Eurostar is a high-speed railway service connecting London with Paris and Brussels. All its trains traverse the Channel Tunnel between the United Kingdom and France, so you can be in the centre of Paris and Brussels within hours of leaving the UK! Book tickets online or contact us to find out more.
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