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Canoe deep into the Amazon Jungle to discover the rich wildlife within the rainforest, soak in hot pools nestled in the hills of the Andes, stand on both sides of the equator and meander through Quito's magical Old Town. Let Ecuador's tropical landscapes, vibrant culture, colonial streets and the warm and welcoming locals enchant you. 

Ecuador: fast facts

Language in Ecuador

Languages Spoken

The official language spoken in Ecuador is Spanish.

Ecuadorian currency


Name: United States Dollar

Code: USD

Symbol: $

$10 is approx £7.80

Time zone Ecuador

Time Zone

Time Zone: Quito Time Zone (UTC-05:00) and Galápagos Time (UTC-06:00)

Highlights of Ecuador



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Top places to visit and things to do in Ecuador

Plunge into the turquoise waters of The Galápagos Islands and swim with penguins to iguanas, climb mighty volcanoes and put your feet on both hemispheres of the world at the Equator... Where will your adventure deep into Ecuador take you? We've rounded up the must-sees in and must-dos in Ecuador
brazil cities
Top cities in Ecuador
Ecuador's cities have it all, whether you're a culture vulture, history geek, nature-lover or adrenaline junkie. From Quito's bustling plazas, street sellers, coloured markets and colonial architecture to Ecuador's largest city- Guayaquil, a city that is no longer just the gateway to The Galápagos Islands but now rapidly rivalling Quito as the new cultural hotspot of Ecuador. 



Out of this world
They sit 972km (600 miles) off the coast of Ecuador, but The Galápagos Islands may as well be a foreign planet. Teeming with wildlife, this is one of the world's most captivating destinations.
ecuador travel
Adventure hotspot
From hopping on the swing at the end of the world in Banos to canoeing, biking, hiking, rafting and heaps more. Ecuador sure knows how to spoil thrill seekers and adventurers. Dive into these epic activities and discover the wilder side of Ecuador.
Ecuador volcanoes
Awe-inspiring volcanoes
Home to some of the highest active volcanoes in the world, mighty emerald crater lakes and soothing volcanic hot springs, Ecuador has some pretty epic natural wonders for you to explore. So whether you want to take a dip in hot pools or pull on your hiking boots and climb into the clouds, experience these enthralling and astounding natural wonders.

Ecuador travel costs

cost of beer in ecuador


A domestic beer will cost you just $1 (approx 77p) from a small tienda. In a bar or club expect to pay a little more with beers costing $2 - $3 (approx £1.55 - £2.32)

cost of food in ecuador


Tasty Ecuadorian street food can cost less than $1 (approx. 77p). A set three course meal including a fresh fruit juice will cost you $2 -$3 (approx. £1.54 - £2.32) and a sit down meal in a restaurant will knock you back $5 - $10 (approx. £3.85 - £7.72).

taxi prices in ecuador

Taxi Ride

Looking to catch a cab? A normal 15 minute taxi ride costs under $5 (£3.85). Only hop into taxis with orange license plates and registration stickers, as these are the official taxis. Make sure to ask for the meter to be switched on; when outside the main cities have fun and haggle the price before jumping in, you'll get a much better price. 

transport in ecuador


Transportation in Ecuador is pretty cheap, with a one-way ticket on a city bus (approx 19p). For longer journeys between key towns and cities expect to pay around $1 per hour (approx 77p) of travel time.

hostels in ecuador


Hostels in Ecuador are pretty cheap and can cost you between $8 and $12 a night (approx £6.18 - £9.27).

hotels in ecuador


If you prefer something a little more fancy than a hostel, you can get a midrange double/twin hotel room from just $25 (approx £19.32).

How to get to Ecuador

Ecuador is small yet mighty. It is bordered by Peru and Colombia, making it fairly easy to enter by land. You can also start your Ecuadorian adventure by flying straight into Quito, but you can also fly from the UK to Guayaquil. Search for cheap flights to Ecuador with STA Travel.
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Adventures and experiences in Ecuador

Ecuador is a diverse and vibrant country so in order to wring every last drop of fun out of your trip, requires planning ahead. Why not travel Ecuador with us? Check out some of our jungle adventures and epic tours and let us take care of the all the details.
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Ecuador Adventure Tours

Ecuador Tours
The Ecuador Experience | 18 Days
Experience what mainland Ecuador has to offer and discover its range of environments. Dive straight into the Amazon Jungle, meet a local shaman and come out ready for a dip in the hotsprings of Banos. Journey to the Devil's Nose, from the Avenue of Volcanoes to Pacific coast beaches, and on to an indigenous community. The perfect 18-day insight to Ecuador.

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Ecuador Multisport | 9 Days
Speed is the word for this high-adrenaline active tour around Ecuador. Across nine action-packed days, you'll bike Cotopaxi (an Andean stratovolcano), raft down rushing rivers, trek the lush foothills of Banos, hike gorgeous cloud forests and much, much more. So slather on that sunscreen, strap on your helmet, and hit the road!

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Local Living: Amazon Jungle | 7 Days
The Amazon Rainforest is full of life; check it out for yourself during a week unlike any other. From Quito, travel to your new jungle home and meet the Quichua family who will be your hosts. Discover waterfalls on jungle walks, go to an animal rescue centre by canoe, learn about medicinal plants and experience a shaman ceremony.

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Do I need a visa to travel to Ecuador?

As long as your UK passport is valid for 6 months from the date of entry and you only intend to stay in Ecuador for 90 days or less, you do not need a visa. If you're planning to stay for longer, you can speak to the Ecuadorian Embassy in London before you travel. 
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