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Asia Bus Travel


If you want to explore, discover new things, meet new people and have an awesome time doing it, you'll want the freedom and independence to make your own decisions and travel on your own terms. Our Asia hop-on hop-off bus passes and flexi tours are designed to give you the ultimate in freedom and flextibility - you're in control of your own adventure.

Why you should travel by bus

For the independent and indecisive amongst you, flexible hop-on hop-off bus passes are a great way to see Asia on the cheap. No matter how far you want to travel, a bus pass will take you anywhere you want to go, even to off the beaten track places that aren't on a map! Plus, you'll meet loads of like-minded travel buddies. No being tied to dates, times or bed posts - just flexible adventures.


Bus Passes & Flexi Tours

Get off the beaten track and discover places no one else goes on Stray’s flexible travel network. Fun Tour Leaders will share local insights, offer practical advice and enrich your Southeast Asia experience. You focus on the adventure, with hassle free transport that offers the freedom to hop-off along the way. Passes valid for 12months.


Independent Bus Travel

Bamba Experience self guided passes include convenient transport options, exciting activities along the route of your choice and the flexibility to choose your departure dates and make unlimited changes. If you want to take all the stress out of your trip, all hop-on hop-off routes can also be done as accommodated tours.