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Busabout Winter Adventures

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Let's not beat about the bush here - winter in Europe is incredible. There are traditional log fires, the snowy Alps, and Christmas trees in every town square (it's like being in a movie!). What's more, it's less busy and a lot cheaper. Take a trip with Busabout and get the best out of your winter trip abroad.

Ultimate Winter Adventure
Start our exciting adventure by riding to the kinky and kooky town of Amsterdam, and finishing in style in Switzerland with the snow-capped mountains serving as backdrop to an abundance of outdoor pursuits and activities. These places are incredible during the winter; amazing museums, cosy bars, and the best architecture that Europe has to offer!
From $3,579
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alpine trek
Alpine Festive Trek
Brace yourself for a magical festive escapade through the heart of Europe that will leave you stunned, enthralled and more than a little excited. This is a journey through some of the continent's most iconic cities - Paris, Munich and Prague but we literally take you to the heights of Europe in the Swiss Alps. All combined with the biggest party season of the year, it's enough to give you goose bumps just thinking about it...
From $1,939
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northern winter tour
Northern Winter Adventure
These cities are European delicacies. First, we ride to the Belgian gem of Bruges before heading to the kinky and kooky town of Amsterdam. Next, we party in the quirky and electrifying nightlife of Berlin before finishing in the jaw-dropping beautiful capital of Bohemia, Prague. 
From $1,259
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eastern winter tour
Eastern Winter Adventure
Starting in the Bohemian capital of Europe, Prague, our tour will take you on an unforgettable journey around Eastern Europe. From rich in history and culture cities, through beautiful mountain towns to beer-famous Munich, this adventure will show you the best of Eastern Europe at the peak of winter.
From $1,169
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Southern Winter Adventure
This is the ultimate winter tour for those who like their mountains mighty and their cities spectacular. Leave the beer halls of Munich, zip into the Swiss Alps and seize your chance to ski the most famous mountains in the world. Descend into the marvellous Italian cities of Venice, Rome and Florence, indulging in both the beauty and the feast.
From $1,619
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