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Fee Summary

Free of Charge For all information regarding fees and charges that apply to your STA Travel CashFLEX Visa Card, please refer to the table below.

If you have any further queries, contact us or download the full Product Disclosure Statement.

 Card purchase fee  Free of Charge
 Transaction fees  
 AU purchase transactions Free of Charge
 AU ATM withdrawals under $250*  $1.50

 AU ATM withdrawals of $250 or more*

 Free of Charge
 Overseas purchase transactions  Free of Charge
 Overseas ATM withdrawals under $250*  $1.50

Overseas ATM withdrawals over $250*

 Free of Charge
 Top up fees  
 Instore  1%
 BPAY  1%
 Online credit card  1%
 Online debit card load  1%
 Card limits  
 Maximum card balance  $20,000
 Maximum in-store load (via Debit/Credit card)  $15,000
Maximum in-store load (Cash)  $5,000
Maximum BPAY load (at any time)  $3,000
Maximum Online Debit Card load (at any time) $3,000
Maximum online credit card  load (at any time) $2,000
Maximum annual load $50,000
Maximum daily ATM withdrawal*  $1,000 ($500 in one transaction)
Maximum annual ATM withdrawal*  $50,000
Maximum retail purchase (at any time)  $20,000
Maximum annual retail purchases  $50,000
 Information and Alerts  
 Online balance & transactions Free of Charge
 Load alerts by email Free of Charge
Customer care lines ** 1300 360 715 or +44 (0) 207 096 9441 from overseas
Lost and Stolen lines** 1300 559 915 or +44 207 101 6599 from overseas
  Standard network rates will apply. Some service operators may charge more depending on device and location of call.
SMS Services *** 199 11 234 or +61 418 200 332 from overseas
  Your service operator may also charge you for sending SMS from your device. This may vary depending on your location and provider.
 Check balance by text Free of Charge
 Load alerts Free of Charge  
 Card to card transfers $0.40
 Lock your card $0.40
 Unlock your card $0.40
 PIN reminder (requested via Customer Card) Free of Charge
 Activate card Free of Charge
 Other Charges  
 Paper statement  $15.00
 Investigation fee  $30.00
 Replacement card  $5.00
 Additional card  Free of charge
 Dormancy****  $4.00 per month (After 12 months inactivity)
 Cancellation or redemption fee  Free of Charge
 Expiry  Card valid for 36 months


*When you use your Prepaid Card at an ATM, you may also be subject to applicable fees, surcharge rules and regulations of the relevant ATM, or other financial institution or association. You will be advised by the ATM operator before you confirm the transaction.
***Your service operator will charge you $0.25 for sending SMS from your device.
****A period of 12 months in which no money has been loaded onto or taken off the Card by you.