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Build your own route with our Round the World experts

Create your very own Round the World trip. Contact our Travel Experts to build a bespoke multi-stop flight, so that your itinerary can be as structured or as flexible as you want it to be! Build your own custom trip to anywhere in the world, find the best flights and fares, add on any tours and accommodation, all with the help of our experienced travel experts.

How to plan your Round the World trip

Step 1: Pick your must-see destinations

Decide how many stops you want to have on your trip - the world is your oyster! Check out our destinations section for travel guides and inspiration, or check out our blog for some reading material.

Step 2: Book an appointment

You need to speak to an expert - they've been there, done that and have all the insider know-how to prove it. They'll help you put your dream trip together, with loads of hints, tips and advice. Once you've got an appointment date, you can start all the fun research!

Step 3: Lock in any essential dates

Decide when you want to travel, letting us know if you can be flexible with dates or not.

Step 4: Plan your tours and accommodation

So you have your flights...what next? We can help you plan the rest of your Round the World adventure, from group tours, hostels, bus passes, special travel insurance and more.

Step 5: Pack your bags and get ready!

We're on hand until the day you leave, so let us know if you need help with insurance or any last minute tours or accommodation.
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Meet the Experts
Here at STA Travel we live by the motto 'We know because we go' - and it's true! Our Travel Experts have an immense knowledge of the ins and outs of travel, because they themselves have embarked on endless crazy adventures. And now the are here to pass on their helpful advice to you. So check out a few of their profiles right here and get in touch for help in planning your trip!
Destination Inspiration
Chances are you'll do one big trip in your life, so lets make sure you make the most of it! Heading to Spain? Add in Morocco and Portugal while you're there! Got a couple of weeks in the USA? Make sure you get to Canada too! Fancy Central America? Why not hop across to Cuba as well? We've got the lowdown on loads of amazing destinations, so check out our inspiration pages now!
Top Routes
We've hand selected the most popular trips booked with us over the last 10 years to product our Top Routes. Utilising STA's exclusive Blue Ticket offering, our global negotiation power and a passion for bringing our customers the cheapest and most unique product to open up the world for you, these tickets are not only cheap but flexible and outstanding value. Find out more now!

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