sta multiflex flights passes

MultiFLEX flight passes

For your Round the World trip

We believe that one of the greatest things about travel is the unknown and the unpredictable. That’s why at STA Travel, you can now make our tickets even more flexible by adding on a MultiFLEX pass. Starting at just $49, MultiFLEX allows you to change your flights without having to pay the airline or agent fees every time your plans change, saving you hundreds!
Multiflex Pass
  • No airline fees

    With MultiFLEX we’ll waive ALL the date change fees, so you’ll just pay the difference in airfare and taxes - if there are any.

  • Online changes

    To make your changes, simply fill out a form online. No expensive calls back to Australia or sitting on hold to airlines!

  • Buy before you fly

    Passes can only be added to eligible tickets and must be purchased before you leave Australia, so get yours today.

How to use a MultiFlex Pass

Buy your MultiFLEX pass today!

OneFLEX pass from $49

Our OneFLEX pass allows you to make one date change to your flights after you've left Australia, free from any fees. You’ll save money by buying your changes upfront and get the freedom to change your mind during your trip, without having to worry about how much it's going to cost.
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3 change pass from $99

This pass is ideal if you're heading off on one of our awesome multi-stop tickets. You can change your flight dates three times once you've departed Australia, without paying any fees. This pass is only bookable offline, so speak to one of our Travel Experts or call us now to book.
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Unlimited change pass from $149

Perfect for Round the World trips, get unlimited fee-free date changes pre and post departure. So if you realise you have to be in Cuzco for the annual Inti Raymi festival, or accidentally get stuck in a hammock in Bali, you can change your dates online as many times as you like.
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Eligibility – Multiflex passes are only available on select exclusive STA Travel tickets. To confirm your ticket is eligible please contact us via phone, email or in store. The full terms and conditions are below. The ONEFlex and Multiflex passes only come into effect once you have left Australia and cannot be used on your flight out of Australia. The Unlimited pass is eligible for pre and post departure changes. All 3 passes, the ONEFlex, the Multiflex and the Unlimited will waive ALL airline and STA fee’s for the eligible number of changes. ONEFlex = 1 change,  Multiflex = 3 changes, Unlimited = Unlimited changes. The Customer must pay all fare and tax increase on each change if there are any. Please confirm with an STA Travel travel expert before purchasing that you are on an eligible ticket.

*Your Multiflex pass will take care of your change fees, but there may be changes to your fare level and taxes as charged to the airline which may be additional and payable at the time of your requested change