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MultiFLEX Passes

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Flexible flight date change passes

We believe that one of the greatest things about travel is the unknown and the unpredictable. That’s why at STA Travel, you can now make our tickets even more flexible by adding on a MultiFLEX pass to all eligible tickets. Starting from just $49, MultiFLEX allows you to change your flights without having to pay the change fees every time your plans change, saving you hundreds! Plus, Price Drop Promise is now included with all MultiFLEX passes. T&C's apply.
Multiflex Pass
  • No change fees

    With MultiFLEX we’ll waive all the date change fees, so you’ll just pay the difference in fare and taxes - if there are any. T&Cs apply.

  • Online changes

    To make your changes, simply fill out a form online. No expensive calls back to Australia or sitting on hold to airlines! T&Cs apply.

  • Buy when you book

    Passes can only be added to eligible tickets and must be purchased at the same time you make the flight booking. T&Cs apply.

OneFLEX Pass - 1 change from $49

Our OneFLEX pass allows you to make one date change to your flights either before or after you've left Australia, free from any change fees. You’ll save money by avoiding change fees and get the freedom to change your mind during your trip, without worrying about how much it will cost. Any additional fare and taxes are still payable when you change.

Terms and conditions apply

MultiFLEX pass - 3 changes from $99

This pass is ideal if you're heading off on one of our awesome multi-stop tickets. You can change your flight dates three times, either before or after you've departed Australia, without paying any change fees. Any additional fare and taxes are still payable when you change. 

Terms and conditions apply

UltimateFLEX - Unlimited changes from $149

Perfect for Round the World trips, and avoiding change fees when you change your flights pre and post departure. So, if you realise you have to be in Cuzco for the annual Inti Raymi festival, or accidentally get stuck in a hammock in Bali, you can change your dates as many times as you like. Any additional fare and taxes are still payable when you change.

Terms and conditions apply

MultiFLEX Pass Terms & Conditions


These terms and conditions apply to MultiFLEX Passes purchased after 30th August 2019.


If you have purchased a MultiFLEX Pass, you can make the specified number of date changes without any change fees. Any difference in fare and applicable taxes incurred as a result of the change, for example if you change to a more expensive departure, will still be payable. Changing flights at the last minute is likely to mean there is a higher fare difference, so we recommend making changes as early as possible.


There may be instances where you have purchased the Multiflex pass in conjunction with a ticket which is subject to a schedule change by the airline. In these instances, the airline may take ownership of the ticket and standard airline date change fees will apply. This means that the Multiflex pass can no longer be utilised for this flight so the Multiflex cost will be refunded in full to you, unless you choose to retain it to be used with other flights as part of your itinerary.


A MultiFLEX Pass can only be issued once per person per trip, at the same time as booking your eligible flight and cannot be upgraded to another pass. MultiFLEX passes can only be purchased with, and changes redeemed against, selected STA Travel tickets with an eligible ticket number starting with `000`, as shown on your booking itinerary. Your instore Travel Expert will be able to identify the eligible flights.


OneFLEX – 1 date change without change fees*

MultiFLEX – 3 date changes without change fees*

Unlimited Pass – unlimited date changes without change fees*

*any applicable fare and tax difference incurred as a result of the change will still apply.


All MultiFLEX passes permit date changes to be made before or after departure from Australia.


MultiFLEX Passes can only be redeemed by the passenger(s) who purchased the pass. All date changes are subject to availability and ticket conditions (e.g. maximum stay/permitted routing). Changes to outbound flights on each ticket will always require a re-assessment of the fare and applicable tax for all flights on that ticket. MultiFLEX Passes are non-refundable and non-transferrable (subject to your refund and remedy rights under the Australian Consumer Law).


MultiFLEX passes do not cover the cancellation of tickets. If you wish to cancel your ticket, the full cancellation conditions for that fare will apply.


MultiFLEX passes cannot be used to make date changes to a flight that you have missed. Missing your flight may also affect your remaining flight segments of your journey, possibly resulting in a new ticket purchase being required.


Price Drop Promise is included on eligible tickets with a MultiFLEX pass, subject to our standard terms and conditions.




Before departure: please contact your original booking store, or call 134STA.


After departure:


Phone: +44 151 808 0409** (for urgent changes within 72 hours of travel ONLY)



**Charged at local international rate. Non urgent calls will be transferred