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Travel Essentials

Why you should book with STA Travel

Don't leave for your big trip without looking at our travel essentials. Our travel essentials will help to make your trip run more smoothly, from our comprehensive travel insurance and visa service to the Multiflex pass and discount cards. From our Price Beat Guarantee to our lay-by schemes on tours and on flights, these are the essentials that make us different from the rest!
price beat guarantee
  • We'll beat it...

    Lovers of big adventures on backpacker budgets, we’ll always guarantee to beat the prices of any of our competitors

  • or give you $1,000

    Talk is cheap, so we’re willing to back this up. If we can’t beat a genuine quote, we’ll give you $1,000 credit towards your trip

  • What will we beat?

    Our price beat guarantee applies to economy class scheduled flights, selected tour companies and selected accommodation. T&Cs apply

STA Exclusives

We've got a bunch of products that our team of travel experts have carefully put together just for you. From exclusive student/youth fares and date change passes to a nifty little mobile app - you can't get these anywhere else!

CashFLEX visa card

You've been saving for what feels like forever and your big trip's just around the corner. Forget hiding wads of money in a sock or debatably fashionable bumbag. Twenty-first century travel is all about a nifty, fuss-free, no fee card you can really count on. Flexible, easy and safe and it's all in the name: CashFLEX.
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The STA Travel app

Wherever you are in the world, search and book from thousands of the cheapest hostels, hotels and local activities straight from your smartphone. Book at the lowest price with limited-time discounts and secret app deals.
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Why do I need travel insurance?

In the spirit of honesty between travellers, travel insurance is not the most exciting thing in the world. However, it may be the most important thing that you take on your travels. Yes, even more important than hand sanitizer. Buying insurance will help give you peace of mind, giving you cover should the unexpected happen before you depart as well as helping to keep you safe while you're away.

Travel insurance

We know our travellers have different adventures in store; that’s why we have policies that lets you do more. Whether you’re sightseeing, visiting family and friends, going on a working holiday or planning a list of extreme adventures, we offer quality travel insurance to help you do all the things you want on your trip - without the stress!
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Other travel essentials

Essentials are the stuff you probably aren’t thinking about when dreaming of that perfect piazza or magical mountain view on your upcoming trip! As travellers like you, we're lucky enough to have been round the block a few times so we know that often it's the little things that can make your trip go so much smoother.

Get big discounts worldwide

Save money all over the world with a student, under 31 or teacher discount card. Enjoy thousands of travel, online and lifestyle discounts in Australia & worldwide. The ISIC card is a universally recognised student identity card which can save you loads of money on your travels, costing just $30.

Discount cards from $30

Get your visa sorted

Visas are essential for any big trip! Sort out your visas before you go as lots of countries require one for entry. STA Travel can help you find out if you need one and make it easy for you to get. Plus if you want to work abroad on your big trip, we can sort your working holiday visas too.

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