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Flexible travel and payment options? We’ve got you.

Leaders in flexible travel, for us, freedom and discovery have always been at the heart of what we do. As COVID-19 takes hold of the world and many of our travel plans with it, we understand more than ever the need to give you flexible travel options that allow you to book with confidence.

During these uncertain times, our priority is to keep our travellers safe, healthy and informed. However, we also know how important it is to stay inspired and connected with the world. So be confident that when the time comes to get back out there, we're ready and have your back.

Ways you can book with confidence with STA Travel

You don’t need to pay everything now*

Need a break from 2020, but worried your plans might need to change? Lock in the lowest prices now with a deposit, paying the balance 10 weeks before you fly. T&Cs apply.
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Stay flexible with lifetime tour deposits*

You can book now pay later on all G Adventures and Contiki trips. Plus, if your plans change once you’d paid in full, your deposit is protected for when you’re ready to re-book another tour. T&Cs apply.
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*You don’t need to pay everything now:  Lay-by are available on selected STA Travel airfares if booking more than 10 weeks prior to departure.  Deposits start from $39 for domestic flights per ticket and from $99 for international flights per ticket (up to a maximum deposit of $297 per person).  All lay-by deposits are payable at the time of booking and are non-refundable and non-transferable.  If you cancel the lay-by agreement or fail to make the final payment, STA Travel will charge the non-refundable lay-by deposit including the lay-by service fee of $39 and cancel the flight booking.  The price of your ticket will be guaranteed upon receipt of the lay-by deposit. Once the lay-by is paid, any changes (if permitted) to your booking will incur change fees or loss of deposit. (Valid MultiFLEX pass holders may redeem their pass for flight date changes). The change fees are calculated based on the respective booking conditions. Full payment is due 10 (ten) weeks prior to your scheduled departure.


*Stay flexible with lifetime tour deposits: To secure a place on a tour you will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit per person, per tour. The deposit amount varies depending on the product and supplier and in some instances full payment is required at time of booking. The deposit is taken as part payment towards the full price of the tour. Upon receipt of the deposit your tour space and the price will be confirmed. Cancellation of the tour will result in loss of deposit, with the exception of G Adventures (Lifetime deposit) and Contiki (FlexDeposit). Changes to the tour booking will be subject to the price of the product(s) at the time of change but has no effect on the deposit already paid The original price and availability cannot be guaranteed. At the time of booking you will be notified of when full payment is due, this will always be prior to departure from Australia. Failure to meet this payment date will result in the tour booking being cancelled with loss of deposit.

Additional information about tours from specific suppliers:

Contiki (From $200 deposit) - Lay-by for Contiki are starting from $200 at time of booking and the fee is securing a place on your dream trip. Your price will be guaranteed, and you can pay off the remaining balance 10 weeks before your scheduled departure. Your original deposit (excluding flights and any additional deposits) can be used as credit towards booking a new Contiki trip. Only one deposit amount can be credited per trip, they cannot be combined, however multiple trips can be booked using multiple FlexDeposits. Valid on all Contiki trips 7 days or longer until you turn 36. The deposit can also be gifted to family or friends within 5 years of the original booking. FlexDeposit has no cash value and is non-refundable. All other conditions not mentioned in this section continue to apply as described above.

G Adventures (From $250 deposit) - Lay-by for G Adventures tours are starting from just $250. By using Lay-by, you can book now, pay later and the price of your tour will be guaranteed upon receipt of the deposit. You will have until 10 weeks before your scheduled departure to pay off the remaining balance. Your deposit is protected for life and may be applied towards payment of a deposit on another G Adventures tour (of equal or greater value, but not to the same or similar dates of travel). Alternatively, you can gift it to someone else to use. The deposit has no cash value, is non-refundable and only one Lifetime Deposit may be applied per person per product booked. All other conditions not mentioned in this section continue to apply as described above.