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Japan climate

The weather in Japan is generally temperate, with four distinct seasons:

Japan's weather in winter, from December to February, is quite dry and sunny along the Pacific coast and the temperatures rarely drop below 0°C.  The temperatures drop as you move north, with the Central and Northern regions experiencing snowfall.  Southern Japan is relatively temperate and experiences a mild winter.

Spring is from March to May.  Temperatures are warm but not too hot, plus there isn’t too much rain.  The famous cherry blossoms are out during this time and there are plenty of festivals to enjoy.

Summer begins in June and the country experiences a three to four-week rainy season during which the farmers plant their rice.  It is hot and humid during this time and temperatures are often in the high 30’s.  Summer wraps up in August.

Autumn is from September to November and is characterised by light breezes and cooler temperatures of around 8-10oC.  It’s during autumn that many exhibitions, music concerts and sports tournaments are held in Japan.

When is the best time to visit Japan?

Spring is considered the best time to go, since the temperatures are most favourable.  Just try to avoid - or book well in advance - for Golden Week (April 27 to May 6).  It is the longest holiday of the year, when everybody travels and everything is booked full. Skiers and snowboarders will be keen to head over in winter when snow is on the mountains. Check out our Japan ski packages here.