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There's nothing more uninspiring than learning a foreign language in an unstimulating environment. So that's why we've got language programs that enable you to immerse yourself in the local culture, try out your newly learned words and phrases, and travel the mother country! Eat tapas and learn Spanish in Barcelona, wander the cool streets of Berlin while learning German, and loads more.

Learn Spanish in Spain from $505

Say 'hola' to an authentic learning experience in warm and beautiful Spain. Choose from Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Seville or Valencia, and get ready for the cultural adventure of a lifetime! T&C's apply
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Learn French from $625

French is the language of love, and France is the land of gourmet cuisine, luxury and beauty. Choose from Paris, Nice or Montpellier, and broaden your horizons by learning this truly worldwide language, spoken on five continents (and maybe eat your weight in pastries while you're at it). T&C's apply
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Learn German from $750

Rich in expressions and phrases, German is a rewarding language to learn. Where better to do this than in cool and quirky Berlin? Where you'll experience rich history and vibrant modern culture. T&C's apply
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Learn Portugese from $775

Portuguese is spoken by over 200 million people worldwide. Learn this poetic language in the mother country, Portugal, or in beautiful Brazil! If you want to learn in Portugal, you'll be living in captivating Lisbon, or if you'd prefer to learn in Brazil you'll be in the equally exciting Salvador da Bahia. T&C's apply
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Learn Russian from $1,145

A language holiday in Russia will introduce you to the culture and history of this fascinating country. Learn in the magical city of Moscow, full of art, history and beautifully decorated buildings. Or take your trip to St Petersburg, with it's charming and historic canal, it's amazing art collections and palaces. T&C's apply
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Learn Italian from $640

For many, the world's most beautiful language is Italian. La Dolce Vita has never been sweeter; learn this beautiful language in Italy! Learn in the cultural capital of Rome, within the Tuscan countryside of Florence or among the charming backalleys of Venice. T&C's apply
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Learn Japanese from $1,105

Learning to speak Japanese is the key to discovering the diverse and sometimes mysterious culture of this incredible country. There's no better place to learn the language than in the vibrant city of Tokyo. T&C's apply
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Learn Chinese from $1,105

Learn the most widely spoken language in the world, in a country with ancient local customs, mixed with modern living. Our courses teach the most widely spoken Chinese language, Mandarin, in either Beijing or Shanghai. T&C's apply
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Learn Spanish in Latin America from $415

The exciting and intoxicating region of Latin America is vast - so it's only right we have heaps of options for you to learn Spanish there. From Buenos Aires in Argentina to San José in Costa Rica and Havana in Cuba - you'll be dancing the samba, drinking the Sangria, and speaking the lingo in no time! P.S. We also cover Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama and Peru too! T&C's apply
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