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Latin America travel guide

From wilderness to ancient civilisations - Latin America is an explorer's wonderland

From the awesome white-washed wilderness of Patagonia to the sunbeaten Mayan ruins of Mexico, Latin America hosts some of the most diverse landscapes, vibrant cities and National Geographic wonders on the planet. 

You could spend years discovering everything that Latin America has to offer, making it one of the best destinations for big overland trips and Gap Year travel. Head to South America for some of the world-famous landmarks of Machu Picchu or Christ the Redeemer, or take a shorter trip to the beaches of Costa Rica and Mexico. Either way, Latin America is packed full of adventure.

Where do you want to travel?

Central America

From north to south, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama have Inca ruins, dense jungles, amazing animals, volcanoes, lakes, islands, beaches, treks and more. Come on, take a walk on the wild side... 

Central America Travel Guide

South America

Ancient kingdoms up in the clouds, the twisted peaks of Patagonia, salt flats that reflect the heavens and a rainforest larger than the USA. Brace yourself for the ultimate adventure-land. 
South America travel guide


Cobbled streets and vintage cars, colourful buildings and cuban rhythms... Cuba is quickly becoming a hot destination (if it's not already!) From the soulful capital of Havana to the revolutionary Santiago, this country is guaranteed to get those travel tastebuds going! 

Cuba Travel Guide


An enchanting mix of Caribbean beaches, jungle ruins, incredible authentic food, and vibrant colours - Mexico has something for every traveller, from the beach bum to the history nerd. Hola Mexico!
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