Study & Learn Abroad

Study & learn while you travel

Feel like getting more out of your next trip? We've pulled together some awesome learn-as-you-travel options for you. Learn a new language, learn to teach English, learn to play soccer in Brazil, or study fashion in Milan! Not only will you learn new skills, your experience in another culture will be a life-long lesson in itself!

Learning holidays with STA Travel

Do something different this year and go learn something new. Whether you're wanting to become a yoga pro, learn to surf, cook different cuisines, make jewellery, dance & more, STA Travel have a learning holiday for that!

Study in London, UK & Europe
Learning seems soooo much more dreamy with Europe or the UK as your backdrop. Well, explorers that dream can become a reality! Teach English, study at a UK university or learn a new language - options abound!
Study in USA, Canada & Latin America
Get REAL experience with our study abroad programs in both America & Canada. How about learning football in Brazil or getting qualified to ski in Canada?
And if you're all about hitting the books - we've got you covered too - try your hand at teaching English or studying in Canada!
Study in Australia, NZ & Pacific
Fancy learning to sail a yacht, surf or even scuba dive? We have a whole host of exciting programs around Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.

We can help you learn how to surf on world class beaches, be your own skipper with Flying Fish, get your PADI diving license or for the cold climate lovers land you a sick job as a ski instructor in Queenstown.
International student exchange programs
Interested in living and studying abroad as an exchange student? Experience different cultures, volunteer to help those in need, improve your career prospects, make new friends and even learn something new about yourself. 

World Education Program (WEP) Australia specialises in international student exchange programs in more than 20 countries! Travel overseas and reap the benefits of being an international exchange student.

Why study abroad?

Not only do you get the opportunity to visit another country, you will also experience a whole new education system. Dependent on your program, that means the chance to choose a few different modules as well as your degree. So why not combine that business degree with a module in astrology or even Harry potter?