MultiFlex Terms & Conditions

Want the freedom to change your travel dates whenever you want? We've got just the ticket. On average, an STA Traveller on a round the world trip will change their flight dates 5 times. By buying your date changes up front you could save mega bucks giving you the freedom to change your mind without having to worry about any STA or airline fees. 3 change pass: Get 3 flight date changes for $99 (save $$$).

This product is only available with selected international flight tickets.
Ensure that you have confirmation from STA Travel that your ticket is eligible prior to purchase. To check if your ticket is eligible, call 134 STA (782) or speak to your travel advisor.

*Your date-change/s could be subject to additional fare and tax. For example, if you change to a more expensive flight you will need to cover the difference. 

The Multiflex date-change pass - exclusive to STA Travel

Multiflex Passes are restricted to specific flight ticket types.  If you haven't already had your eligibility confirmed via email or by an STA Travel consultant do not purchase it. Please call us or visit your local branch to confirm. Refer to the full terms & conditions below: 

Terms and Conditions: 

This product entitles you to either 3 or unlimited post-departure date changes through STA Travel Global Travel Help on your ticket.

Any additional airline fare and taxes incurred as a result of your change are not covered (for eaxmple, if you change to a more expensive fare you will need to pay the difference). Please note, the Multiflex Pass excludes Qatar Airways and Jetstar in most cases.

You must get confirmation from an STA Travel advisor before purchasing.

The Multiflex Pass can be redeemed by emailing Travel Help on or calling them on Phone: 134 782 or if outside AU on +61 3 9207 5900 Mon-Fri 9-8pm, Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 11am-4pm AEST.

These changes can only be redeemed against flights for this booking number for the named passenger’s current flight booking and are nontransferable. All date changes are subject to availability and ticket conditions (eg, maximum stay). Please try and make your changes as far in advance as possible to ensure seats are available to avoid disappointment.


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