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Get your groove on and escape to the world's greatest festivals. We have a range of music festival packages, whether you're braving the mud at Glastonbury or heading for a sunnier setting in Croatia or Serbia. 


With Busabout

From $2,599

Travel around Europe then rave with some of the biggest names in electronic music at Tomorrowland, on Busabout’s hop-on hop-off network! Hurry, packages are on sale from 4th February 2019 and include:
- Full Madness Tomorrowland Pass
- Magnificent Greens Camping Package (DreamVille)
- Transfer to Boom from Paris
- Transfer from Boom to Bruges or Amsterdam
- Busabout tents and camping equipment
- Busabout Festival Crew

26th, 27th, 28th July


Music Festivals 2019

Calling all lovers of sweet summer festival vibes! Lose yourself in the music at some of Europe's greatest festivals, including Sziget, Hideout and Benicassim festival! More coming soon, so stay tuned...

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