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The original Round the World experts

We pride ourselves on being the experts in Round the World trips, that's why we've asked some of our most experienced travel experts to give us some insight into round the world travel and why you should book with them! Whether it be your first trip to Europe, travelling through South East Asia on a shoestring, or hiking the Inca Trail, it always pays to know before you go. We've hand-picked our best and brightest to specialise in Adventure Touring.

Sean Baldwin

I’m a Round the World expert because…
We are some of the most passionate people about travel you will ever meet! Of all the thousands of people I've created trips for, I still get more excited about planning other people’s trips than I do my own! Also, we have one of the most unique round the world products in the market. We can completely customise an itinerary to fit your plans.

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Pascal Rheinberger

I’m a Round the World expert because…
I'm passionate about travel and it still excites me to plan other people's trips after 13+ fun years with STA Travel. I can help you out if you're stuck with inspiration for your next trip. The more complicated the better!


My top tip is…
To give yourself enough time at each destination so you don't feel you're rushing from place to place.

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Sam Smith

I’m a Round the World expert because…
I've been at STA for 6 years now and I love a good challenge. People often come to me with their extravagant plans and I will work every option and angle to get my clients the best deals, the best routes and sometimes even some very sneaky and cheap business class upgrades! 


My top tip is…
Be realistic with the time you have.

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Will John

I’m a Round the World expert because…
No one does a return ticket anymore! The excitement that you can create when you fully explain to someone that with included stopovers and our exclusive round the world itineraries, you can create just about anything - it's why we do what we do! 


My top tip is…
Keep it simple. Start with a rough itinerary, and fill in the gaps as you go. 

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Mikaela Young

I’m a Round the World expert because…
That's how I create all my own trips! I always think, why only see one destination when for a similar price you can often travel to multiple destinations! Take your time, spend a little extra to see it now rather than waiting another year. 

My top tip is…
Start basic with a few different destinations and then build up from there. 


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