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School Travel

School Travel

Step outside of the classroom! Inspire and challenge your students with an educational group trip. As the world’s largest travel company for teachers, students and young people, we have over 30 years experience in organising safe, secure and exciting trips all over the world.

Get out there and learn!

We arrange educational itineraries from subject-specific trips to mixed options with a range of accommodation services, activities and tours to suit your needs. We can tailor to your learning objectives with our Pick and Mix style. Design your school trip to your individual needs and include exciting additional activities for an element of fun. See below for some of the subjects we handle.

A taste of the many subjects on offer:


See the actual places and sites where history was created! Tour the great Coliseum where gladiators once battled or see ancient Greek ruins where Greek Mythology was imagined. Inspire students’ imaginations and take them on a history trip that brings the past to life.


What better way to learn a language than immersion in the culture and land of that language? Go on a Language Trip to mix with locals while practising your conversational skills. Students take so much from getting out there and practicing in real situations while enjoying the country and seeing the sights.

Art and Design

Get away from the classroom walls and inspire. Go on an Art and Design Trip and stir the creativity of your students through travel. Experience diverse environments from bright modern cities tor rural mountain getaways, each artistically stimulating in their own way.


Bring your students to fantastic geographical sites. Watch them learn and develop their knowledge and passion for their subject. Geography trips will help them learn and become inspired by natural wonders of the world - the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Mount Vesuvius in Italy and more.

Social Studies

Social Studies is integral for students, and can be brought to life through travel and actually seeing parliament and the establishments and institutions of justice for themselves. Travel in powerful countries like America or European destinations can facilitate learning about political issues and current affairs in a richer, more textured way.

Science and Nature

Take your students on a Science and Nature Trip to see new and wonderful environments. They’ll experience new climates, species of animals and geographical wonders like volcanoes and vast mountain peaks.
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Teacher Zone

We know how hard teachers have to work in general, but especially when organising taking a group of students away! At Teacher Zone we make your life easier by providing all necessary documents to support you in preparing your educational trip. Below are some useful links to make life easier while organising your trip:

For General Travel Advice

Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Duty of Care

Partnering with Business Travel by STA, you are joining a team of experts who operate under carefully structured procedures to safeguard processes across all levels of our business. Our systems and procedures are designed to enhance visibility for our clients and we operate in conjunction with all major third party risk providers such as International SOS, communicating via the minute-by-minute live itinerary data feed for tracking and risk management of travellers.

Our 24/7 Global Travel Helpdesk operates around the clock providing all kinds of support to travellers including itinerary changes and modifications. Travellers can also access support face to face through the 450 STA Travel offices located around the world.

In the event of a disaster, our 24/7 Global Travel Helpdesk will coordinate emergency procedures, communicating to all relevant stakeholders, and ensure evacuation procedures are conducted efficiently under our your travel policy. Our Crisis Management Team will support the Help Desk and provide practical on the ground assistance during crises, communicating with affected travellers globally and arrange necessary support to minimise risk.

Further details on our Risk Management Plan or Crisis Management Procedures can be requested. Your dedicated Account Manager will customised a strategy based on the needs of your Risk Management plan and ensure these procedures meet and comply with your Travel Policy.

24/7 Travel Support

Our Global Travel Help Team are Sydney based, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Supporting you with any issues from date changes, cancellations, or supporting with Crisis Management.

Need to alter your flight? Or need advice on Crisis Management? Out of the above office hours, Business Travel by STA Travel operate a full 24/7 emergency line to ensure that wherever you are, and within whatever time zone, you can speak to a real person to assist with your business travel.

You’ll be provided with a dedicated number for any travel assistance requests and a separate number for emergency assistance. Operating: 24 hours (Monday through to Sunday).