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Who we are - our beliefs

STA Travel’s core purpose is to make travel affordable and attainable. We have great deals for everyone, and are able to provide particularly low fares to students and people under 26.

We offer much more than just a cheap airfare. We offer real value with the flexibility and features our travellers want. We offer genuine advice and experience – not sales talk.

Our travellers enjoy the confidence that they won’t be ripped off at STA Travel because we are not like other travel agents – we don’t believe in advertising gimmicks like promises of cheapest or lowest airfares – our travellers are too smart for that!

We believe that travel is the best education. There is nothing like it to open the eyes, mind and heart. And we believe that travel is a powerful agent of social change. Getting people to meet face-to-face is the most effective way of ending racism, intolerance and prejudice.

These beliefs are central to the STA Travel culture and objectives.

Our story

STA Travel boasts a worldwide network of more than 450 stores, with more than 60 in Australia and New Zealand. We operate in more than 75 countries across 15 time zones.

We employ in excess of 3000 people speaking over 60 languages. Last year we sent more than 2 million travellers packing and our turnover exceeded USD$1.1 billion worldwide.

In this corner of the world STA Travel’s development over the last 30 years reads like a modern day, rags to riches fairy tale. We started life on campus as a travel service to meet the travel needs of adventurous students in the 1970s.

Entrepreneurial and innovative, we grew both locally and globally throughout the 1980s as we extended our services beyond the student market alone to cater for young travellers who subscribe to the STA Travel values.

We have grown up with our travellers and today you’ll find us on campus as well as in high street and shopping centre locations. We continue to expand in the areas where our target market live, work, study, shop and play.

STA Travel is widely acknowledged as an industry pioneer of quality, affordable travel. We have acquired a reputation for unrivalled professionalism and service.

Our commitment to excellence in personalised customer service was recognised at the Australian Customer Service Awards. We have been voted Rolling Stone Magazine’s Hot Business of the Year and have won the Arthur Anderson Awards for Best Business Practice.

We are changing the way people think about travel and in the process we are making a positive impact on the lives of millions.

What we do

   We are a full service travel retailer.

One big advantage of travelling with STA Travel is that we’re not like any other travel retailer. There are no harried travel consultants in dodgy uniforms trying to sell you something you don’t want. Instead you’ll find personal Travel Experts who’ll tailor an individual itinerary to suit you.

We do things differently. We build our exclusive product range from the ground up in direct response to the needs and wants of our travellers.

We enjoy enormous buying power with the world’s best airlines and land transport and accommodation suppliers. Plus we have exclusive access to discounted student and youth fares. We can provide students and young travellers with discounts as high as 40% off the published airfares.

Our travellers

Our target market is not defined by age, but rather by attitude. We have found that more people, not just students, want authentic, real value travel options.

STA Travellers relish the journey more than the destination and they want to learn something from the people and places they visit. They are not content to just take in the sights through the foggy windows of a tourist bus.

Our customers travel for fun, adventure, education and for the experience.

STA Travellers are anyone passionate about travel and wanting to travel to learn about the world and about themselves.

As a general rule they are often aged 18-35, mostly single, studying or very well-educated, employed part or full time, culturally aware, environmentally conscious, enjoy a challenge, and hate to be categorised.

STA Travellers are passionate about travel. They love being first to know, grab a bargain, talking, learning and success. And they hate anything too trendy, ignorance, apathy, and being spoken down to.

STA Travellers want flexibility, reliable service and support. They expect the best value, quality, information, assistance and advice. They come to STA Travel because their friends recommend us and they trust us. We have been around for a long time and we don’t make promises we can’t keep.


Our future plans

   We have big plans. We plan to dominate the student and youth market and grow aggressively in our niche.

The aim to be the brand that defines travel for young people.

We excel because the focus on our target market is finely tuned.

We can rise to challenges because we believe in what we do.


The head of the family

STA Travel is owned by Diethelm Keller Ltd a Swiss, 4th generation private trading company based in Zurich. Diethelm Keller Ltd is a family business that has a successful history spanning over 100 years.

Our credentials

We hold International Air Travel Association (IATA) accreditation and are the sole Australian member of the Student Air Travel Association (SATA).

We are also the sole issuing authority for the International Student and Teacher Identity Cards.

Still Got Questions?

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