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Meet our adventure tour experts

We pride ourselves on being the experts in Round the World trips, that's why we've asked some of our most experienced travel experts to give us some insight into round the world travel and why you should book with them! Whether it be your first trip to Europe, travelling through South East Asia on a shoestring, or hiking the Inca Trail, it always pays to know before you go. We've hand-picked our best and brightest to specialise in Adventure Touring.

Will John

The most memorable tour I’ve ever done was: 
In 2018, I had the chance to tour Vietnam starting in Ho Chi Minh and finishing in Hanoi. I was in awe of the natural beauty, friendly people, and having the opportunity to travel with people I now call my lifelong friends. Tours are an amazing enabler for like-minded people to get together and share experiences that they will hold forever.

My next tour is likely to be: 
G Adventures tour from LA to Las Vegas, taking a path less travelled through the more natural wonders of the USA. I am excited to get up close and personal with the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, and of course Vegas.


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Sean Baldwin

The most memorable tour I’ve ever done was:

It's very tough to pick the best tour that I've experienced because they have all been extremely memorable in different ways!  I would say it would have to be a tie between an East African Safari from South Africa to Kenya, taking the Trans Mongolian Railway from Moscow to Beijing, and island hopping through the Galápagos in Ecuador.  

My next tour is likely to be:

I'm always looking at going down the roads less travelled and anywhere that's a little bit different.  That being said, the Caucasus region (Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia) has always been high on my list.  The region is where two continents literally meet so I am really excited to experience how the landscapes and cultures collide.

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Bianca Cavaleri

The most memorable tour I’ve ever done was:

The Contiki Ecuador & Galapagos Island Hopper - it has it all! You go from crystal blue waters to adrenaline junky Banos to the Amazon jungle! The wildlife in the Galapagos Islands is like nothing you will ever experience, and the snorkelling is hands down some of the best in the world. Then back on land you've got rainforests and the Amazon Jungle! 

My next tour is likely to be:

G Adventures Mayan Sun - Starts in Cancun and travels down through Belize and into Guatemala. I’ll then jet over to Cuba for the Cuban Rhythms tour which tours some of Cubas best spots. The countries I’m visiting are more difficult to travel between, so choosing a tour was the easiest way to see everything, also I know I will be safe and in good hands.

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Steph Jones

The most memorable tour I’ve ever done was:

Antarctica! It was the most adventurous tour I've ever done, & it was also the most spectacular. There's nowhere else where you can be that is as remote and isolated. I even had to supply my blood type, it was that off the beaten track. The experience of being on board the G expedition was outstanding, their service & staff are second to none. 

My next tour is likely to be:

There’s a few on my list! Hoping for Turkey around ANZAC day. I'm also really hoping to do Kokoda and Everest Base Camp (both of them eventually). 

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Holly Cadman

The most memorable tour I’ve done was:

Busabout - Greek Island Flexi Hopper. Greece is absolutely picture perfect and I just loved the flexibility of the Busabout Greek Island Flexi Hopper! I could choose how long I wanted to spend on each island without missing out on the group tour experience. 

My next tour is likely to be: 

G Adventures - Mozambique, Kruger and Swazi Discoverer. I think this tour visits such a great variety of places in Southern Africa. I've wanted to do this trip for about 2 years now, every time I look at it… it gets more and more exciting! 

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Bianca Manes

The most memorable tour I’ve ever done was:

Winter Wanderer – Contiki, travelling Europe at that time of year is so amazing.  It’s much less crowded and really great value.

My next tour is likely to be:

East Africa Safari – Contiki, Africa is high on my bucket list and I know I will feel extremely safe with a tour group. I can’t wait to see the incredible landscape and with an organised group I’ll get to do things may be difficult to do on my own and/or hard to get to.

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Teagan Underwood

The most memorable tour I’ve ever done was:

Contiki Asian Adventure! From overnight stays on jungle rafts in Thailand to quad bike riding at sunset in Cambodia this tour was by far the best I have been on. My favourite part of the trip was exploring Laos especially in Luang Prabang. Contiki made it so easy to get around stress free yet still allowed me my own free time to do whatever I wanted to!

My next tour is likely to be: 

Busabout East to West Roadtrip! I have always wanted to do a road trip from one end of USA to the other. This is something that has been on my bucket list for a long time and what better way to do it then with a bus load of new friends. 

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Karlie Day

The most memorable tour I’ve ever done was:

Brazil and Argentina on a Shoestring with G Adventures. I booked this tour and I was blown away by what I was able to see in only 11 days; Christ The Redeemer, Iguassu Falls & Sugar Loaf Mountain, plus sailing along the beaches helped me see parts of Brazil and Argentina I might not have otherwise. My only regret was not extending my time there!

My next tour is: 

An African adventure! I've chosen this continent because eco-tourism is something I'm passionate about. I'm excited to explore the Gorilla Trek in Uganda, visit the Masai Mara tribe, as well as see many National Parks as possible. 

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