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Argentina Travel Guide

The pace and rhythm of the Tango capital, the awesome wildlife of the south Atlantic, the mesmerising vistas of dusty plains, the unforgettable views of Patagonia - Argentina is a place of dramatic contrasts, stunning landscapes, unforgettable nightlife and passionate locals. Enjoy life the Argentine way, with a steak on your plate and Malbec in hand surrounded by awe-inspiring scenery and unique cultures.
languages icon LANGUAGES
The official language spoken in Argentina is Spanish
currency icon CURRENCY
Argentine Peso (ARS)

$13 Argentine Peso is approximately $1


time zone icon TIME ZONE
Argentina is AEDT -14h



Argentina tour deals

the giant waterfall of Iguassu Falls with water crashing down to the surface

Iguassu & Beyond

For the nature lover who also wants to explore the nightlife of the urban jungle and have plenty of time on the beach, this nine-day adventure offers the perfect combination of natural beauty and cosmopolitan culture.
9 days
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large mountains filled with snow surround a blue and icy lake

The Explorer

Want a taste of Peru, Brazil and Argentina? Visit Patagonia, Argentina's Lake District, Ushuaia and more.
18 days
view tour
large mountains peaking with snow in Patagonia

Patagonia Hiking

Trek through the crisp air of El Chaltn to the area near the imposing Perito Moreno Glacier, finishing up in Buenos Aires.
9 days
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What we love about Argentina

tick icon The destination for foodies
Edgy and picturesque, Buenos Aires is an absolute foodie heaven with the best steaks in the world, delicious wines and hip cafes.
tick icon Adventure in Patagonia
Venture to South America's southern frontier and stare in amazement at Patagonia's jagged peaks, majestic glaciers and pristine rivers. 
tick icon world-famous wine regions
Argentina is renowned for its wines, including the world-famous Malbec. Mendoza produces most of the country’s grapes and is a must-visit for wine lovers.


FAQ - Travel in Argentina

What's the weather like in Argentina?

Argentina's climate is generally mild, but there can be major regional variations due to its size – from the extreme heat of the northern regions, through the pleasant climate of the central pampas, to the sub Antarctic cold of Patagonia’s glacial regions. Throughout the country January is the warmest, while June and July are the coldest. 

Do I need a visa to visit Argentina?

Australian passport holders visiting Argentina for up to 90 days do not need a visa, but do have to pay a reciprocity fee. You can visit the official migration service website for more details.

What's the best way to travel in Argentina?


Due to the size of Argentina, air travel is the most convenient when travelling large distances.  There are a number of airlines servicing the country, however many a routed via Buenos Aires, which can cause inconvenience and cost, depending on your end destination. 



The public bus network in Argentina is excellent and, despite the long driving times, the vehicles and very comfortable and allow you to see more of this amazing country.  There are a number of different classes, even sleepers for overnight journeys.  Larger luggage is stowed in the hold and security is generally very good.



Although there have been some cut-backs in long-distance train services, the rail network continues to reach Buenos Aires and some surrounding areas, as well as services to Posadas and Cordoba.  Trains are invariably cheaper than buses, but are slower and go to fewer destinations.  We advise buying train tickets in advance during peak periods.


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