11 weird and wonderful drinks from around the world

Sipping the local brew is one of the true joys of travelling, be it a cold Chang on the beaches of Koh Samui, a green tea on the Great Wall or taking part in a traditional Kava ceremony in Fiji. But at what point do you draw the line?

Read on for our list of 12, good, bad and downright odd drinks from around the world… if you dare.

butterteablogpicImage from Flickr courtesy of melanie

1. Snake/Scorpin/Lizard/anything that looks nasty – South East Asia

Popular in South East Asia and China these drinks are said to have a number of healing benefits as well as protecting the imbiber against evil spirits. Often found unopened in a kitchen cabinet 3 years after coming home/being gifted by a misguided traveller friend.

2. Yak Butter Tea – Tibet and Northern India

Perfectly suited for upping your calorific intake before a long day of laboring in the high Tibetan mountains – not so good for, well, taste.

3. Stag/Horse semen shot – New Zealand

The Green Man pub in downtown Wellington, NZ regularly adds these ‘select’ drinks to their menu as part of an entry into the World Food Challenge. Apparently the horse offering sold out before the judges could take a sip (boo hoo for them).

4. Seagull wine – The Arctic

There’s no big secret to this one – take seagull, add water, leave in the sun and drink. Or don’t. On second thought just don’t.

5. Human Toe Shot – Canada

Ok, we hear you shout, seagulls are one thing but an actual human toe? Yep – in Dawson Canada you can pay $5 CAD extra to have a preserved human toe added to your drink. That’s right, pay extra. No, we don’t know either.

6. Bacon Beer – USA, obviously

Image from Flickr courtesy of Billy

7. Yogurito – Japan

Alcoholic yogurt drink made in Holland, bottled in France but swiftly shipped off to Japan!

8. Onion juice – Korea

Just that, juice from an onion in a plastic baggy thought to keep your body warm during the winter. We might stick to a woolly sweater if it’s all the same to you.

9. Rainbow beer – Japan

Japan was always going to feature more than once on this list – but at least this sounds more appetizing than yogurt alcohol. Made from all natural ingredients you can help yourself to blue, red, pink and green beer, how refreshing.

10. Pulque – Mexico

Made from the fermented sap of agave plants and described even by advocates as “viscous” it must have some redeeming properties as it’s been drunk in the Tequila region of Mexico for over 2000 years.

Image from Flickr courtesy of Mario

12 Daiquiri – Cuba

Ok this one isn’t weird at all – but after all these raw eggs, questionable horse products and yak butter, we need a real drink.

Have we missed your favourite (or one so bad it’s been etched on your memory)? Let us know below!