48 hours in Venice

I’m Rachael, lover of pasta, red wine and pretty buildings. So naturally, when I visited Venice (on my own, I might add – screw the romance) I absolutely fell in love. Here’s why…

1. It’s a floating city

There’s something about canals winding their way through a city that just looks so picture-perfect. Plus, being in a hostel that was along the waters edge made for some pretty nice evenings dining al fresco and watching a banging sunset.

2. Water taxis/Vaparettos

Literally the only way to get about – speedy, efficient, and breezy.

3. Pasta to go

I was obsessed with this! Italians making fresh pasta and sauce to order out of a teeny tiny takeaway shop for a lot cheaper than the restaurants = one happy Rachael.

4. Bacareto Da Lele

An unassuming little bar serving small glasses of wine and prosecco for 60c. I was recommended this place by a colleague, and so glad I was, because I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise! It’s very local – where regulars cram themselves in to the tiny bar to chat and have lunch. Or chill outside. I sat along the canal, drinking my wine and reading a book – happy as Larry.

5. Gondolas

I couldn’t go to Venice and not mention the Gondola’s – they’re iconic!

6. Colourful houses in Burano

In London, where I am at the moment, we do have pretty coloured houses in Camden and Notting Hill, but Burano is something else. Perfect for the ‘gram.

7. Basilica di San Marco

This building was indescribably beautiful. Definitely go in for a peek, but don’t wait outside in the huge queue – buy a queue jump ticket online for €2. Granted, people had the same idea and there was a queue for the queue jump (classic) but we got in way quicker than the other poor sunburned souls.

8. Actual affordable gelato

I love gelato, but I don’t enjoy having to sell an organ to buy a scoop when I fancy it in London. The stuff in Venice cost less than €2, and tasted incredible (obviously).

9. Any time is wine time

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Now this is something I can get on board with. Tasty wine at the drop of a hat, no matter which cute little wine bar you find yourself at.

10. Only 1.5 hours from Verona

I was only there for 72 hours, but it was so close to Verona I thought I’d hop on a train there on my last day. It cost me €18, and it was worth every penny – I got to tick two cities off my list, and enjoyed a pretty magical day (searching for Romeo/Leonardo Di Caprio).

I would 10000% recommend taking yourself to Venice – either as a couple, friends, or even solo. I had a great time on my own. Check out our Italy travel guide or our cheap flights to Italy!