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5 places that will scare your backpacks off

Waking up after a crazy night in Vegas without your shoes and credit card, actually seeing yourself in the mirror after said night out, and coincidentally having a heart attack when you check your bank account… all these are scary experiences you may be familiar with. But what about the genuinely freaky stuff? If you’re one of those people that enjoy being scared, you might want to check out these places:

Mizpah Hotel in Tonopah

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There have been a few hauntings noted here, including two children on the fourth floor who are often heard laughing (all we’re picturing is the children from The Shining) and ghost miners in the basement. But the most famous ghost story is the lady in red, who is thought to have been murdered in room 512 – where you can spent the night if you so desire.

Mackay Mansion in Virginia City (which is believed to be the most haunted town in the US btw)

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This former residence-turn-museum gives daily tours to those interested in the paranormal. You may even get lucky (we’re using the term loosely here) and feel/see the presence of a little girl dressed in white, an elderly female on the 2nd floor, a former colonel in the kitchen, or a possible servant woman running up and down the stairs. Don’t believe us? Ask Johnny Depp, who is reported to have seen the little girl while he was staying there.

Silver Queen Hotel – Virginia City

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Think about spending a night at the Silver Queen Hotel. It dates back to 1876, and is rumoured that a prostitute called Rosie killed herself there and haunts the guests. Fan of Ghost Adventures? Zak Bagans believes he saw Rosie while he was staying there.

The Luxor Hotel & Casino – Vegas

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Bring yourself back to the ‘City of Sin’ and visit one of our favourites: the Luxor Hotel & Casino. The pyramid was modelled on ancient Egypt, so you’d expect to see the odd mummy, and a few of those scarab beetles from the film (you know the ones that got under people’s skin – we’re still traumatised), but what about a haunted room? We read a realllllly creepy story from a woman warning people away from room 19207 on the 19th floor. Maybe have a look and decide for yourself (don’t blame us if you forget to take a spare pair of pants with you).

Boulder Dam Hotel – Boulder City

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There’s been loads of ghostly reports at this hotel – from someone grabbing your shoulder, to coming up from the floor and grabbing your ankles. People have reported seeing apparitions, feeling uneasy, and hearing ballroom music when the bar and restaurant are closed. The ghost of the old night clerk, Tommy Thompson, is also said to have set up shop in the lobby (and of course haunts it).

If the thought of these has got you craving a paranormal adventure, then we definitely recommend checking out our Nevada inspiration.