Fiji is so much more than sipping piña coladas by the hotel pool in Denarau (not that we have anything against that!). If you’re keen to get a true taste of this South Pacific paradise, consider an island hopping adventure throughout the stunning Yasawa Islands. Bula!

Underwater friends

Expand your social circle with fish, manta rays, turtles and sharks with Fiji’s countless underwater activities. From chilled out snorkel sessions right outside your bure (Fijian beach hut) to certified dives around kaleidoscopic reefs, there’s something for every type of ocean adventurer.

Pro tip: Barefoot Kuata offers an epic reef shark experience, where you’re dropped at a middle-of-the-ocean reef to swim amongst amazing black tip reef sharks.

Next level sunsets

If Fijian sunsets just aren’t impressive enough for you (jeez, tough crowd), turn it up a notch with a sunset tubing evening trip. Jump into your swimsuit, grab your Fijian beer of choice and get ready to float around the ocean as the skies turn a wondrous mix or orange, pink and purple.

Pro tip: Fiji Bitter is the way to go, far superior to Fiji Gold

Get local

We reckon Fiji could give Disneyland a run for its money as the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’, because the locals are literally ALWAYS smiling. Not only will you become buddies with the accommodation staff, some resorts will give you the chance to take a day trip to a nearby island to check out the smaller villages. Wander through the town to endless yells of ‘bula!’ and learn about local tribes, the economy, energy sources and general way of life.

Pro tip: Sunday is the day of rest for Fijians and they tend to relax at home after church, so try and visit on another day of the week if you can.

Boat life

Channel your inner pirate and spend a day sailing the open ocean, with some deserted islands, brilliant swimming spots and authentic Fijian cuisine thrown in for good measure. You’ll get serenaded with Fijian tunes while eating fresh watermelon on the boat, explore the island where Tom Hanks and Wilson hung out, take a dip in warm ocean waters and might be lucky enough to see some dolphins on the way home. Sounds like the dream!

Pro tip: Lots of the resorts will offer day sailing trips, but we can personally recommend Seaspray, which you can book with your island hopping pass.

Live it up!

Treat yourself to a room upgrade and get a taste of how the other half live! With your island hopping pass you get the choice of different levels of accommodation, so you can truly tailor your holiday to how you’re feeling (or how your wallet is feeling!). Opt for massive party dorms on Beachcomber Island, glamping tents on Barefoot Kuata or splurge on a beachfront villa at Manta Ray. Two words: Outdoor. Showers.

Reckon a Fiji island hopping adventure might be a bit of you? We don’t blame you! Find out all you need to know about this stunning South Pacific paradise right here