6 Reasons why Europe group travel rocks

Europe needs no introduction. If it does, you’ve been living under a rock bigger than Uluru. But what’s the best way to travel around Europe? I’m so glad you asked….



Travelling within a group, particularly those that are age-specific, means you’ll usually come across like-minded, social and outgoing people. In every group you’ll have the Party Animals, the Social Surfers, the Chillers, the weird guy*, the couples…this is starting to sound like an Attenborough transcript. You’re pretty much guaranteed to meet friends for life.

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Your tour guide, trip manager, possessor of one of the best jobs in the world, whatever you want to call them, genuinely care about each individual on the trip. Their knowledge is often unrivalled, even when compared to locals. Forget trawling through Urbanspoon for hours looking for somewhere for a quick bite and have faith in your trusty guide; he or she will know.

Europe Is Your Oyster

The world (or Europe in this instance) is your oyster. But if you don’t know how to eat the Oyster, you’ll come unstuck (stick with me here). Planned by travel experts, group tours can take you to every corner of the continent, and lots of secret spots you’d never have reached on your own. It’s tempting to think that group travel means you’ll miss out on those authentic experiences when, actually, the opposite is often true.



You’ll have an itinerary, though this doesn’t mean you’ll have no free time to yourself. Don’t feel obliged to take part in the optional activities if you don’t want to. Just make sure you are awake and ready to go when you venture out in the bus to your next stunning location, the rest is up to you.

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If I had a dollar for every time I heard a couple say that they met on a group tour in Europe *cough Contiki cough*, I would have be a millionaire by now. OK $10, but that’s more than nothing. With average group sizes between 18 and 50, your odds are looking pretty shweeet!


In my view, one of the more underrated things in life is peace of mind. While some nomadic explorers have popularised travelling without an itinerary/map/backpack/trousers, it can be a relief to have a plan. With accommodation and transfers organised for every leg of the journey, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’ll have a roof over your head each night. Let others take care of the travel jargon and T&Cs while you’re out in your own little care-free world, soaking up everything Europe has to offer.

*If you can’t tell who the weird guy is…it’s you.

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